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Lex Librero, Ph.D. <lex@laguna.net>

Ben I. Haraguchi <haragucb@aren+fox.com>

Dr. Joseph N. Pelton <jpelton@seas.gwu.edu>

Dr. Takashi Iida <iida@crl.go.jp>

Ninfa Saturnino Springer, PhD, RD, FADA <ninfa@umich.edu>

Maria Regina Pedro <mrap@philonline.com>

Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez, Ph.D. <rbrsat@pworld.net.ph>

Victor T. Ching <vicching@compass.com.ph>

(1) Dear Dr. Librero:

Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

Ben Haraguchi is now heavily occupied with the preparation of the
house ceremony of his newly acquired building on October 25th and
as my previous msg mentioned. After the ceremony, I am sure that
first task on our Asia/Pacific distance learning project will be to
me and Norman Okamura of the University of Hawaii to Tokyo and
for our further discussions, as he announced it during our Tampere

When Ben and I visited your university last May, we met Dr.
Barcelo, and
we hope to see her again soon.

I am very glad to hear of your plan to utilize Japan's ETS VIII
satellite. Incidentally, when we had a mtg at Ben's Tokyo office
May, Joe Pelton (one of our GLOSAS board members) were attending a
of NASDA (an equivalent to US/NASA) in Tsukuba, and suggested us
over a
phone teleconference that we should also consider to utilize it for
project. Joe also suggested us that we should consult with Dr.
Iida on
this matter.

Your CTC and ETC projects are very ambitious and exciting. We
would be
very happy if our project can work with them together. Let's talk
it when we meet. Also, pls start considering to attend the
workshop in
Tokyo next April (or May) which Ben's Tokyo office is now
We plan to come up a concrete feasibility study of hooking up your
with Montana State University and the University of Hawaii, etc.

(2) Dear Ninfa:

Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT II).

Congratulations to your successful conduct of the Virtual Class on
Nutrition (VCON) in distance learning mode!!

When our Asia/Pacific operation becomes into reality, we certainly
like to include your VCON as one of the offering courses,
to Philippines with the help of Ms. Pedro.

I am now taking the liberty of admitting her into our

(3) Dear Ralph and Victor:

Pls invite Ms. Pedro to any of your mtgs of our projects in Manila.

Best, Tak

Date: Sun, 19 Sep 1999 20:00:21 -0400 (EDT)
From: Felix Librero <lex@laguna.net>
To: utsumi@www.friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: Asai/Pacific operation

Dear Dr. Utsumi,

I haven't had much time responding to the many msgs going the rounds,
but I
do follow-up on a number of them.

Glad to know you've scheduled a trip to Manila sometime. I suppose
be seeing Dr. Teresita Barcelo of the U.P. Open University's Faculty of
Health Sciences. I shall also be very happy to link up with you then so
could possible brief you on the activities we are pursuing regarding the
possibility of testing the Community Telesrvice Centre concept under the
auspices of the UN-ESCAP. I have been working on this, trying to
with some agencies in the Philippines particularly the Dept. of
Transportation and Communications. The CTC project proposal is
being revised in preparation for the use of Japan's ETS VIII satellite
(which will be launched in 2002). We're also preparing for a forum at
NASDA in Tokyo 25-27 October 1999 to look further into the various

I'm not really sure if I shall be able to attend the Tokyo forum since I
shall be in Canada from 11-19 October. But there shall be delegates
from the Philippines to attend this.

We are also looking into the possibility of upgrading the Learning
of the U.P. Open University all over the Philippines (we have 30 at the
moment) into what we temporarily call the Educational Telecenters
The ETC is essentially a facility through which we shall deliver the
courses from the U.O. Open University as well as provide communication
support to social services including disaster management and public
interactions with experts and officials through audio and video
teleconferencing. That's the plan. How fast we can put this in place
something I am unable to specify at the moment.

Anyway, hope to see you when you get to Manila.


Felix Librero
Vice Chancellor, Research & Development
University of the Philippines Open University
Tel: (63-49) 536-2429
E-mail: lex@laguna.net

Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 12:23:04 -0400 (EDT)
To: tak utsumi <utsumi@columbia.edu>
From: "Ninfa S. Springer" <ninfa@umich.edu>
Subject: GU Asia/Pacific project
Cc: gina pedro <mrap@philonline.com>

Dear Tak,

I have followed the GU's expansion to many regional projects and I am
particularly interested in the Asia/Pacific project, for obvious
As you know, my husband and I are involved in the authoring and
of case-based, web-based instructional program called Virtual Class on
Nutrition. After successfully pilot-testing 5 (6 this year) nutrition
with nursing students last year, we are now expanding the program's
outside of the University of Michigan. This year, the nursing students
again using the program, but we are also pilot testing it with dietetic
interns, dietetic senior students and family medicine residents at UM,
Eastern Michigan University and U of Iowa. In other words, VCON is now
poised to be truly a distance education program.

If the program is successful outside of the University of Michigan, then
my dream of getting it accessed outside of the country is a possibility.
counterpart in the Philippines is Maria Regina Pedro
who represents the Nutritionists-Dietitian's Association of the
Foundation. She is taking her doctoral comprehensive exams this year and
will be able to devote more time to developing VCON as a major component
the continuing education program of NDAP. VCON's merit is providing
medical/nutritional information to association members. She can also
as NDAP's official representative to GU's Asia/Pacific Project. Perhaps,
Gina can also link you with the Secretary of the Department of Science
Technology or with Dr. Tolentino at UPM. Any support you can give her
attend conferences outside of the Philippines will be appreciated. As
usual, I will assume a 'background' role.

We wish you success in all your endeavors,

Ninfa and Bob Springer

Ninfa Saturnino Springer, PhD, RD, FADA
Associate Professor Emerita
School of Nursing, University of Michigan
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