<<September 6, 1999>>

Kazuo Torii <torii@fsun.org>

Ben I. Haraguchi <haragucb@arentfox.com>

Mr. Ichiro Watanabe <iwatanabe@fsun.org>

Steve McCarty <steve@kagawa-jc.ac.jp>

Ms. Tina Evans Greenwood <greenwood_t@fortlewis.edu>

Takashi Sakamoto, Ph.D. <sakamoto@nime.ac.jp>

Professor Yasunori Shimizu <shimizu@cradle.titech.ac.jp>

Takahiro Kiuchi, M.D., Ph.D. <kiuchi@umin.ac.jp>

Dr. Takashi Iida <iida@crl.go.jp>

Dr.Yoshiyori Urano <urano@tom.comm.waseda.ac.jp>

Kiyohito Yamasawa, Dr.Eng. <yamasaw@gipwc.shinshu-u.ac.jp>

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor <tapio.varis@uta.fi>

(1) Many thanks for your msgs.

ATTACHMENT I from Steve McCarty

ATTACHMENT II from Tapio Varis

(2) Dear Mr. Torii:

I was very glad to see you and Mr. Shigeta at our Tampere event.

As you know, Ben Haraguchi announced at the event that your FSUN/Tokyo
will hold a follow-up workshop for our Asia/Pacific operation in Tokyo
next April (or May).

We have to do a lot of things since only a half year or so is left.

(a) Publicity:

This workshop will focus on Asia/Pacific and Africa.

Although most of the attendees from those regions can speak
English, but not Japanese, we need to have Japanese version of
some of our materials, since the workshop will be held in Tokyo

Pls discuss with Mr. Watanabe if we should have simultaneous
interpreter at all sessions.

My thought on this is that such interpretation would
be necessary for the greetings of echelons in the
opening ceremony. However, as you experienced at
Tampere, presentations and specially brainstorming
will be very intensive so that I would doubt if any
interpreters can catch up properly, and hence it may
be wise not to have such a high cost interpreters
during those sessions for saving time and money.

ATTACHMENT I indicates the URL which has the Japanese version of
some of our materials which have been kindly translated by Steve
McCarty. He will be the webmaster of our Tokyo conference and
will make the webs of the conference and the handout as we had for
the Tampere event -- <www.uta.fi/EGEDL> for the former and
<www.uta.fi/EGEDL/outline> for the latter.

Pls tell of this to Mr. Shigeta to feel free to utilize any
part of them for his publicity effort -- see ATTACHMENT II
how our Tampere event generated publicities.

Dear Tina:

You once questioned the spelling of Malcolm Baldridge.
Steve kindly checked it through webs -- you were right as

Dear Steve:

Many thanks for your effort.

BTW, when you visit Benesse, pls convey my best personal
regards to;

Tooru Mihara
Test & Study Aide Research
Benesse Corporation

I met him during my workshop at Columbia University last
year. He was a member of '98 US MULTI-MEDIA EDUCATION
SURVEY MISSION tour group.

(b) Duration of workshop:

Total 5 days.

1. First day: telelearning and telemedicine demonstrations;

a. Telelearning demonstrations with videoconferencing via
broadband Internet which accompany with advanced use
(e.g., 3D animation, VRML, Java application program,
etc.) of web teaching materials in PowerPoint style

b. Same as above, but with asynchronous computer mediated
conferencing system with occasional use of
simultaneous audio and/or video conferencing via
narrow band Internet,

c. Telemedicine demonstrations of echocardiography with
portable echo machines via broadband Internet between
Japan and the US,

d. Same as above, but with PictureTel via ISDN (at 384
Kbps) among Manila, Tokyo, American Samoa, Norway,

e. Presentations of advanced telemedicine teaching
materials, e.g., virtual reality model of a human
heart which can realistically respond to a touch on a
computer screen, 3D human body model for telemedicine
education, 3D frog and/or insect model for biology
education, etc.

The purpose of these demonstrations are to show how
important and vital to have broadband Internet for the
future of telelearning and telemedicine -- as validating our
quest of establishing global broadband digital satellite
Internet network around the world.

2. Second day:

a. Morning:

Opening ceremony with greetings (live or videotaped)
of dignitaries of Japanese government, international
organizations and consortiums in the Asia/Pacific and
African regions, and

Presentations about Global University System.

b. Afternoon:

Presentations about advanced infrastructure/delivery
systems and practices of distance learning and

c. Evening:

Sightseeing, and

Reception and presentation at a Japanese industry.

3. Third day:

a. Morning:

Session keynote speech,

One presentation by a delegate of telelearning in
Japan, and

Brainstorming on identifying needs.

b. Afternoon:

Session keynote speech,

One presentation by a delegate of telemedicine in
Japan, and

Brainstorming on infrastructure and delivery system.

c. Joint dinner with a keynote speaker.

4. Fourth day:

a. Morning:

Session keynote speech,

One presentation by a delegate on telelearning in
Asia/Pacific, and

Brainstorming on institutionalization.

b. Afternoon:

Session keynote speech,

One presentation by a delegate on telelearning in
Africa, and

Brainstorming on administration.

c. Evening:


5. Fifth day:

a. Morning:

Session keynote speech,

One presentation by a delegate on telemedicine in
Asia/Pacific, and

Brainstorming -- general discussion.

b. Afternoon:

Session keynote speech,

One presentation by a delegate on telemedicine in
Africa, and

Brainstorming -- summary and conclusion.

c. Closing remarks with farewell party.

(c) Expected number of attendees:

1. 25 from Asia/Pacific region,

2. 25 from Africa region,

3. 25 from North and South America and Europe,

4. 12 from Japanese telelearning field,

5. 12 from Japanese telemedicine field,

6. 25 from Japanese governmental agencies and industries,

Total about 125 to 150.

During the brainstorming sessions, they will be split into two
groups for the Asia/Pacific and African regions.

(d) Technical requirements:

1. Required rooms:

a. One large auditorium for gathering by all attendees,

b. two rooms for each group's brainstorming.

2. Audio/visual and telecommunications for each room:

a. Large black (or white) boards,

b. Two large projector screens; one for web and the other
for videoconferencing,

c. One transparency overhead projector,

d. One overhead camera (optional),

e. Microphones (at least one, and more depending on the
size of the room),

f. One speaker,

g. One large TV monitor,

h. Two PCs (and, if possible, one Power Mac) which are to
be connected to Internet,

i. One PictureTel (or similar) unit with one ISDN line at
384 Kbps,

j. One broadband Internet (at least 4 Mbps and preferably
at 10 Mbps without much congestions),

k. One ordinary telephone line (to be connected directly
to outside switching board), -- this is to be with a
56 Kbps dial-up modem for backup,

l. One mobil telephone,

m. One printer.

(e) Location:

Keeping the above in your mind, pls inquire following
organizations if they can accommodate our workshop;

1. National Institute of Multimedia Education (NIME),

2. Tokyo Institute of Technology (my alma mater),

3. University of Tokyo,

4. Communications Research Laboratory of the Japanese Ministry
of Posts and Telecommunications,

5. Waseda University,

6. Shinshu University (my alma mater),

7. Any resort hotel (preferably in Nagano prefecture -- my home

I personally prefer Shinshu University or some resort hotels
around Shirakaba Lake in Tateshina nearby my home town, if you can
obtain industry's cooperation with satellite linkage. Shinshu is
more like Tampere rather than Tokyo. Prof. Yamasawa of Shinshu
University may take the advantage of this occasion to leverage his
upgrading its microwave network from the present 1.5 Mbps to 55
Mbps which he described during our Tampere event.

We may be able to enjoy hot spring bath (or swimming pool)
there -- as we had sauna in Tampere!!

(f) Exact dates:

Dear Ben, Mr. Watanabe, and Mr. Torii:

I would greatly appreciate it if you can decide the exact dates of
our Tokyo workshop as soon as possible, since our time is getting
very short for program setting, fund raising and sending out
invitations to attendees.

If it will be in the middle of cherry blossom (early April
in Tokyo, or in the middle of April in Nagano), the
attendees will greatly appreciate.

(g) Outcome:

1. A feasibility study and action plan for the Asia/Pacific
operation as centering it around the University of
Philippines Open University in Manila as the first phase

2. A draft of pilot project proposal for the African operation.

(3) Dear Ben:

You said during the Tampere event that you would take me and Norman
Okamura to Tokyo and Manila for further discussion on our project. Pls
let me know its date ASAP, since I have to make other commitments.

Dear Steve:

I hope to see you then. I also agree with you that the online
teacher training will be one of the foremost agendas of our

(4) Dear Electronic Colleagues:

Pls feel free to comment to the above for betterment of our workshop.

Best, Tak

Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999 13:54:47 +0000
From: Steve McCarty <steve@kagawa-jc.ac.jp>
Organization: Kagawa Junior College, Japan
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
Subject: Re: Revisions of Japanese translation

Dr. Utsumi,

Your html message in color me through, thanks. It was easy to make the
corrections because I'm making this Website by hand. It will be fine to
move the Website to FSUN's server anytime. There will be various
documents before and even after the conference, and the English and
Japanese could be split into different Web pages, so I made a new
directory asia-pacific/. There will be other conference pages and the
index page as a menu, so I changed the title, too. At this point the
English and Japanese are together, hence the "-ej" in the file name. If
a page is in Japanese only, that could be "-j." So the file is now:

"Fundamental Projects of Dr. Takeshi Utsumi"

If you prefer other names for the directory, file or title, just let me

Through a Web search I confirmed the spelling for Malcolm Baldridge
Award, etc. There is no need to transmit such things to your
distribution list, but someday a little editing of your book manuscript
will be needed. Your everyday communications in English are very

I'll start other Web pages soon using the English documents you have
transmitted related to the Asia-Pacific operation.

Whereas it is possible for you to participate in various meetings by
teleconference, I'm afraid that your presence will be necessary in Japan
for formal introductions.

Incidentally, the Benesse Corporation has invited me to their Tokyo
office, as soon as I can go. My idea is that they would finance a
virtual organization software environment like a virtual university for
our World Association for Online Education. If it works out, this might
also be of interest to Global University. Even for you, as an
alternative to seeking individual student enrollments at first, it may
be more practical to conduct online teacher training among educational
institutions internationally.

Will be in touch again soon,
Steve McCarty

Subject: Re: Request of publicity materials
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999 06:56:21 +0000
From: Tapio Varis <tapio.varis@uta.fi>
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
CC: David Johnson <daj@utk.edu>

Dear Tak & David,

Please find enclosed my publicity report of EGDL99 which I am sending tp
David by regular mail including photocopies.


At 17:44 1.9.1999 -0400, Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D. wrote:
>Dear Tapio:
>(1) According to David Johnson, there will be a national conference of
>Fulbright alumni association in Washington D.C. on October 9th. In the
>evening of the day, there will be a reception at Finnish Embassy.
>(2) I wonder if you have compiled the lists of TV or radio broadcast
>about our Tampere event with date and time.
>(3) I also wonder if you have gathered any printed materials which
>appeared about our event in Finnish newspaper or magazines.
>(4) Pls send one set of them each to David and me so that one of us may
>give them to the officials at the Finnish Embassy -- I have not decided
>to attend it yet.
>(5) You may also use the compiled materials in your report to the
>Thanks in advance.
>Best, Tak

conference & workshp
Tampere 9-13 August 1999-09-06

Press coverage:

Prior to the event:

Aikalainen 1/1999

Finnish News Agency: story published 27.7.or 28.7. 1999 at least by Kaleva
(enclosed), H meen Sanomat, Pohjolan Sanomat, Karjalainen, Etel -Saimaa, Savon

Finnish Broadcasting Company: national television news 30.7. (main news at

During the event:

Finnish News Agency: nerws published by most media 9.8 or 10.8. 1999

French News Agency 9.8.

Helsingin Sanomat 10. 8.

Aamulehti 10.8.

H meen Sanomat 10.8.

Radio Tampere 9.8.

Radio H me 9.8. & 10.8.

Tampere Television 9.8.

After the event:

H meen Sanomat 14.8. (news & editorial)

Radio One (Finnish Broadcasting Company) 15.9.

Radio Suomi (Finnish Broadcasting Company) 17.8.

Radio Nova

Ote - opetusteknologia


Taloussanomat (15.9.)

Television Tampere 16.8.
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