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Tunji Lardner, CEO <Agenda2@aol.com>

Paul Kalu <pkalu@wangonet.org>

Mr. Lane Smith <lasmith@usaid.gov>

Dear Tunji:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

(2) Yes, I received from Paul two PDF files about your activities -- they are excellent, indeed.

Dear Paul:

Many thanks for your sending them to me (ATTACHMENT II).

(3) Your inviting me to Nigeria for an initial fact finding is a good idea
and a vital prerequisite to the series of workshops for establishing a
Global University System in Nigeria with a global broadband Internet --
as mentioned in my list distribution of last night -- see "WB's GDG
project and our GUS, GBI and GSTF projects - November 29, 2000" at


(4) I look forward to meeting with you when you return to NYC soon.

Dear Lane:

(5) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT III) in response to my previous
distribution of Initiating Nigerian connection for GUS project -
November 17, 2000" which can be retrieved at


Dear Tunji:

(6) In the above distribution, I suggested you to

(a) Locate interest groups in Nigeria -- preferably higher education
institutions which have Leland connections at 128 Kbps,

(b) Locate their preferred counterpart educational institutions in
North America, since we prefer to have a pair of institutions in
both side, i.e., one in North America (or Europe) and the other in Nigeria.

Pls follow Lane's suggestion in ATTACHMENT III which is along this latter line.

When we meet in NYC, let's discuss how to approach to those people Lane
mentioned. We also need to discuss the fund raising strategies for those workshops.

See you soon in NYC.

Best, Tak

Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 01:52:13 -0500
From: Agenda2@aol.com
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: Possible connection with Brazilian Virtual University

Dear Tak,
This is Tunji. Thanks a million for the meany leads you have directed our
way. I hope you recieved the little information packet detailing what we do
at Agenda Consulting and WANGONeT. We are currently advicing the Nigerian
Ministry of Science and Technology about setting up and implementing a
National ICT policy. As you can expect distance learning and the virtual
education concept are central to some of the ideas being proposed. At some
point sooner rather than later, it would be great to have you in Nigeria on
initial fact finding trip as a prelude to a more lasting relationship. I am
eager to work with you Tak, because I KNOW that you can help millions of
Nigerians and quite possibly West Africans through our WANGONeT reach. I
hope to meet with you at some point aftermy return to the States in about
three weeks. But in the mean time please keep in touch. Cheers, Tunji

From: "Paul Kalu" <pkalu@wangonet.org>
To: <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Cc: "Tunji Lardner" <agenda2@aol.com>
Subject: From Tunji Lardner
Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 00:50:51 +0100

Hello Dr. Utsumi,

Mr. Tunji Lardner asked me to mail you these two attachments - the company
profiles of The West African NGO Network (WANGONeT) and its partner Agenda Consulting.

Tunji is with is in Lagos right now. So if you need any further information,
you can reach him through me or I might be able to answer your questions myself.

Best regards,
Paul Kalu
Business Manager

Public Sector, Private Spirit
The West African NGO Network

From: "Smith, Lane" <LaSmith@usaid.gov>
To: "'Tak Utsumi'" <utsumi@friends-partners.org>
Subject: RE: Initiating Nigerian connection for GUS project
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 16:25:12 -0500

Tak - thanks for sending this to me. As you may know there are many groups
working on University strengthening efforts in Nigeria. The most
knowledgeable are Cliff Mission of the University of Iowa who worked with
the University of Jos as a Fulbright for 18 months and is now implementing
two university partnership programs, with Jos and Ibadan and with the
Nigerian University Commission., There is also Dr. Raymond Akwule of George
Mason University who has strong historic ties to Nigeria. Leland has only
recently become active in Nigeria, focusing on the strengthening the telcom
regulator and universal access programs. I recently completed a Leland
assessment on Nigeria and don't think I will be doing anything to directly
provide connectivity to universities. Hope your trip is going well.
Regards, lane
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