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Dr. Paul Lefrere <p.lefrere@open.ac.uk>

P. Tapio Varis, Ph.D, Professor <tapio.varis@uta.fi>

Dr. Ihor Bogdan Katerniak <ik@uar.net>

Dr. Marco Antonio R. Dias <mardias@club-internet.fr>

Mr. K. Seddoh <k.seddoh@unesco.org>

Dear Paul and Tapio:

(1) My plane schedules are;

(a) Lv JFK 1/6th/07:40pm
Ar Paris 1/7th/08:40am
Lv Paris 1/7th/10:40pm
Ar Luxembourg 1/7th/01:30pm

(b) Lv Luxembourg 1/14th/06:45am
Ar Frankfurt 1/14th/07:35am
Lv Frankfurt 1/14th/09:20am
Ar JFK 1/14th/12:10pm

Dear Paul:

(2) Many thanks for your comprehensive msg (ATTACHMENT I).

(3) About #1. Interesting development:

During our mtg in Luxembourg, I will describe to you our various projects
in detail, which may be of some help to your talk with the Minister for
Education of Luxembourg in the following week.

(4) About #2. Hotel details:

Thank you very much for reserving hotel rooms for Tapio and me.

If you have time, pls extend my stay till the morning of 1/14th.

(5) About #3. Background to the information day:

(a) I think we should concentrate our funding requests on:

1. Administration and coordination of GUS,

2. Mini-workshop at the Open University for our Ukraine project,

3. Full-workshop in Ukraine for feasibility study and market
survey of implementing broadband Internet.

(b) I would suggest that you and Tapio prepare a list of possible
e-learning courses which can be delivered to Ukraine via currently
available Internet -- since Ihor has so far concentrated mostly
in business administration, you may choose those courses among
your universities.

(c) For your draft proposal, pls feel free to utilize any part of my
write-ups on our GUS which were sent to you before.

(d) I agree with you that the University of Tampere (as the
representative of our GUS) is to be the grantee.

Your OU, Ihor's Ukraine group and GLOSAS can be sub-contractors to
the University of Tampere.

(e) As for the 8-9th mtgs, we will follow your suggestions.

(f) BTW, for those three categories of funding areas, you may consider
the use of laptop/notebook with third generation mobil phone which
can access Internet at 128 Kbps or higher -- as mentioned in my
previous list distribution English as a Second Language e-Learning course proposal - December 16, 2000" which can now be retrievable at http://www.friends-partners.org/~utsumi/gu-l/mid-2000/12-16-b.html

though it was written for teaching English for Japanese.

Once this delivery system is tested in Europe, your OU can utilize
it for e-learning courses, helping many outreach learners.

Dear Marco:

(6) Many thanks for your msg of today.

I am very glad to know that you can visit Mr. Seddoh of UNESCO/UNITWIN on 1/12th (Friday).

I will contact you from my hotel in Luxembourg (see below) on 1/9th or
10th to find out how to get to Paris.

Dear Mr. Seddoh:

(7) I would be very delighted if you can kindly meet us (Marco and me) in
the afternoon of 1/12th (Friday) to brief you on our various projects and our
possible affiliation with your UNITWIN program -- see its draft agreement at

Pls have a very pleasant holiday season and Happy New Year.

Best, Tak

Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 23:38:03 +0000
Subject: InformationDay 10th January
To: utsumi@columbia.edu, tapio.varis@uta.fi
From: Paul Lefrere <P.Lefrere@open.ac.uk>

Dear Tak and Tapio

1. Interesting development
2. Hotel details
3. Background to the information day

1. Interesting development

The week after the Information day, I am meeting the Luxembourg Government
Minister for Education. She is coming to the Open University and has asked
for a presentation on EU-funded projects at the OU and also possible
future projects. It should be possible to tell her about the GUS and with
luck get her support.

2. Hotel details

I have now booked a single room for each of us in the Hotel Italia,
Luxembourg, 15-17 Rue d'Anvers
L-1130 Luxembourg
Tel:48 66 26 1
Fax:48 08 07
(see also http://www.luxembourg.co.uk/accom-city.html and

I have stayed there before. It is good value and fairly central (about 5
minutes walk from the railway station, from where we can get a bus to the
Commission, taking 10-15 minutes depending on time of day). It is fairly
small (20 bedrooms or thereabouts) and has a reasonable restaurant
(basically Italian food). There are many other restaurants nearby.

I have pre-paid your rooms from 08 - 11 January, since those are the busy
dates. If you want to extend to 12 January, this should be easy when you get there.


3. Background to the information day

Although the commission officials we will meet will be favourably disposed
to the GUS, there is not a single fund that will support all of its
activities. Instead, we have to look for funds for identifiable
sub-projects, within the areas of interest of our commission contacts.

The GUS has elements that can be presented in terms of the funding
available under the 10th January call. There are further calls over coming
months, and we can select other elements of the GUS then and include them
in bids in response to those calls.

For the call to be discussed on 10th January, the approach I suggest is
that we choose one of the funding areas (KA III-2 eLearning futures; KA
III-2 Self-learning for Work; and CPA 8 eLearning for European youth in a
digital age).

We then draft a bid that uses the GUS as a context for the work to be
funded under the call. I can draft the bid to reflect this. For example,
if we chose KA III-2 Self-learning for Work, we might submit a proposal
called "Global Self-learning - Self-learning for Work in national
educational systems and the Global University System". (This is just an
illustration - we might want to find a shorter title).

Before 10th January, we decide which EU states are to be represented, who
is going to lead the bid (I suggest Tampere, this time), and which
partners to have (OU, other EU partners, and partners outside the EU -
bearing in mind that funds for non-EU partners are limited and that
commercial partners do not get 100% funding).

On 8-9th January there is a concertation meeting between all projects
currently being funded in the educationand training areas. If you attend
those meetings, which I am hoping you will do, the main purpose must be to
listen to presentations from individual projects and then decide whom to
talk to at lunch and coffee breaks, with a view to identifying people who
seem sensible, and will be present on 10th Jan. It would be useful to
invite some of those people into the GUS consortium because they will be
well-known to the Commission and will be able to promote the GUS.

I'll send further thoughts in a couple of days.

Best wishes

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