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Roger Lee Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>

Alexandre Rivas, Ph.D. <alex_mau@argo.com.br>

Dear Roger:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I) with a favorable reply to my
distribution "Inquiring about Rockwell funding for our Manaus project -
December 15, 2000" at http://www.friends-partners.org/~utsumi/gu-l/mid-2000/12-15-b.html

(2) My suggestions to you and your Houston Community College with regard to
this project are as follows;

(a) Make your college as a test-bed of spread spectrum wireless
broadband Internet so that your college would be able to support
our overseas colleagues, e.g., Manaus people, in the future -- to
make your college students more global oriented.

For this, you may install, say, three units; two for connecting
two buildings, and another on a rack which can be moved around in-building or out-of-building spaces.

See such a mobil unit (albeit still heavy with Mitsubishi laptop,
etc., yet) at http://www.futureprint.kent.edu/articles/pavlik01.htm

This was developed by:

Prof. Steve Feiner (Fax: 212-666-0140)
Department of Computer Science
450 Computer Science Building
Columbia University
500 West 120th St.
New York, NY 10027

I saw his demo at our Columbia seminar in the fall of 1998 -- with
a computer display on an ordinary eye-glasses, too!!

This system was once reported in The New York Times, January 18, 1999.

BTW, it has sub-inch accuracy GPS system, too.

This unit uses the same WaveLan wireless which we propose to our
Manaus community development project -- which first draft of our
grant application has been worked out by Alex and I revised it and
returned to him yesterday.

As mentioned in my previous distributions, we expect to have 75%
of student body to be out-reach in a few years to come. We need
to prepare mobil broadband Internet unit so that they can learn
anywhere and anytime.

As you witnessed, NOKIA predicted 34 Mbps wireless broadband
mobil video-phone to come by 2004, during our Tampere event
which you attended, also.

As said in my previous distribution also, AT&T will provide
their mobil Internet service from next year -- as the result
of their affiliation with Japan's NTT/DoCoMo -- albeit still at 128 Kbps.

You have already made a superb demonstration of
NetMeeting at 70 Kbps during our Manaus workshop last
May/June with your colleagues in New York, England,
Houston, etc. Therefore, 128 Kbps (by DoCoMo/At&T) or
2 Mbps (by spread spectrum wireless) should give your
students ample opportunity.

(3) If you can provide us with Rockwell fund for Manaus people, we may
proceed to install them prior to the workshop for feasibility
study/market survey for Manaus community development with broadband
Internet -- and if successful, it can be a demonstration of using them
during our workshop in Manaus.

Alex is now preparing a grant application for this workshop which
will be submitted to the InfoDev of the World Bank -- as one of
pilot projects for our Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF) projects.

Then, your college may provide Manaus people with not only the tech-support of the spread spectrum unit, but also various e-learning courses -- with your proven cutting-edge delivery technologies.

(4) The beauty of this project is:

(a) you are already familiar with Manaus and their capabilities,
particularly of AMAZONSAT TV where you made a successful demo,

(b) there are motivated, enthusiastic key persons in Manaus.

Happy Holidays and New Year!!

Don't break your leg on skiing -- as I did on the new year's day in Maine
almost 30 years ago!!

Best, Tak

Date: 23 Dec 2000 23:08:00 -0600
From: "Roger Boston" <BOSTON_R@hccs.cc.tx.us>
To: BOSTON_R.ofcmail@austin.hccs.cc.tx.us, utsumi@columbia.edu,
Subject: Re: Fwd: "JINGLE BELLS"
Cc: alexandr@ibrati.com.br

Tak I am enroute to SNOW COUNTRY, COlorado Springs tonight, 25 below
zero high altitude tomorrow night, can reply before leave for India Jan 1,

but generally this -- I want so participate in this event somehow, and
If I can show how the Houston Community College can benefit in some way
perhaps can share in the expense in some measure,

, will retrieve this note when I return on the 30th and see what may be possible,

Happy Holidays,
send you the sunset from Raton New Mexico of five hours ago, to the
South of here, at 70 miles per hour,

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