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Barry B. Hughes <bhughes@du.edu>

Professor Jonathan Wilkenfeld <jwilkenf@bss2.umd.edu>

Professor Leopoldo Schapira (Fax: +54-51-241921)

Prof. Jose Brenes Andre <jbrenes@cariari.ucr.ac.cr>

Dear Prof. Hughes:

(1)  Many, many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I) and your book
      International Futures" which I received yesterday.

     Your global model on CD-ROM works all right with Virtual PC on my Mac/G3 desktop.

     I will study your book with the model closely with great interest.

     Thank you very much again.

(2)  Jonathan once told me that he was a graduate student under Professor Bob
     Noel of the University of California, Santa Barbara when I conducted our
     global gaming with him.  He successfully expanded it to his ICON program.

          I mentioned of this global gaming event in my previous
          distribution  DRAFT/Global Peace Gaming for S3 in SIMULATION - May
          6, 2000" which you can now find at;

(3)  Leopoldo Shapira then extended the ICON to his Argentina and Latin
     American countries for his drug trafficking gaming project.

     Jose Brenes in Costa Rica was one of its participants.

     Jose is now in charge of the Global University System in Central America project.

(4)  I found my long-standing acquaintances and friends in the
     ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS of your book, e.g., Mihajlo Mesarovic (I visited him --
     probably while you were with him at Case Western University), John
     Richardson, Gerald Barney, Richard Chadwick, etc.

The globe is now certainly getting smaller!!

Best, Tak
                          ATTACHMENT I

Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 08:01:50 -0600
From: Barry Hughes <bhughes@du.edu>
Subject: International Futures
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org

Dear Tak Utsumi,

Thank you for looking at my web site and for your positive comments
about what you found there.  I will send you a copy of my book with the
third edition of the model.  Unfortunately, however, it only runs on
Wintel machines, not Macs.

Although I do try to use data-based estimations as much as possible, the
basic structure of the model would be more systems dynamics than
econometric.  It is really a hybrid structure attempting to use both
theory and data.  It is not currently set up, however, for use on the
web and therefore for use by multiple "players" at the same time.

You appear more interested in simulation than gaming, but if you are not
aware of it, there is a project at the University of Maryland (Professor
Jonathan Wilkenfeld) that sets up interactive international negotiation
gaming for students in countries around the world.  They have been doing
it for many years and are very good.  The project name is ICONS and they
published a book with Westview in the last few months.

Barry Hughes
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