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Dr. Arsenio Cantos amd Mr. Jose Ledesma <info@stluke.com.ph>

Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez <rbrsat@pworld.net.ph>

Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez <paeling@doctor.com>

Kimberly K. Obbink <kobbink@montana.edu>

Felix (Lex) Librero <lex@laguna.net>

Dr. Teresita I. Barcelo <tbarcelo@iconn.com.ph>

Motilal Sharma <msharma@mail.asiandevbank.org>

Raj Gururaja <raj_gururaja@agilent.com>

Professor Rashid Bashshur <bashshur@umich.edu>

Ricardo Cabrera <rcabrera@3dechotech.com>

Ninfa Saturnino Springer <ninfa@umich.edu>

Dear Dr. Cantos and Mr. Ledesma:

(1)  I am writing this at the suggestion of Dr. Rodriguez.

(2)  As he described to you, we would like to have a telemedicine
     demonstration (and videoconferencing, if possible and necessary)
     during the mini-workshop for the Asia-Pacific regional activities of our
     Global University System project from October 29 to 31, 2000 in Manila.

(3)  I am very delighted to hear from Ralph that you are willing to offer us
     your conference room for this event.

(4)  Pls visit;

     "Draft of Travel Grant Application to the National Science Foundation
     (NSF) for the Manila Mini-Workshop -- 1 of 5: Travel Grant Application /
     2 of 5: Workshop Schedule / 3 of 5: Grant Nominees / 4 of 5: Philippine
     Counterparts / 5 of 5: GUS in the Philippines Pilot Project Proposal -
     February 16-17, 2000"

     which can be retrieved at;


          This travel grant application will be submitted by Dr. Obbink of
          Montana State University (MSU) in Bozeman where Ralph and I were
          once graduate students -- he was born there to have  Bozeman" for
          his middle name!!

          This travel grant is for Americans attending the workshop.

          This event will be held on the condition that this travel fund is
          granted from the NSF to MSU.

(5)  Although this application was prepared for the University of
     Philippines/Open University, they could not have the telemedicine
     demo/videoconferencing due to their severe budget cut.

     However, if your college can provide us with a conference room after the
     telemedicine demo, I am sure that they would be willing to join in our
     workshop.  Pls contact on this matter with Drs. Librero and Barcelo.

(6)  As you can also find in one of the attachments of the above-mentioned
     material, Dr. Sharma of the Asia Development Bank in Manila has also
     shown his strong interest in this event.

(7)  Mr. Raj Gururaja of Agilent Technology (formerly Hewlett-Packard) in
     Hong Kong indicated his support saying that he would bring Sonos
     (formerly HP) 5500 echocardiogram machine to Manila on loan basis for
     this occasion, if you do not have it.

(8)  Professor Rashid Bashshur of the University of Michigan may allow his
     staff to cooperate in this event -- as he is now providing a staff for
     our Manaus/Brazil event (see below).

(9)  Mr. Calbrera of EcoTech may also provide a software which can produce 3D
     image of a human heart out of the Sonos 5500 signal.

(10) This telemedicine demonstration will transmit the echocardiogram of a
     pseudo-patient to the University of Michigan via 384 Kbps ISDN line for
     diagnosis.  The 3D image of his heart will also be produced to examine
     its inside.  The scanning of the echocardiogram can be done by a nurse,
     but its diagnosis requires expert doctors with several years'
     experience.  High demand exists for the telemedicine in global scale.
     This demonstration will also show the value of high-speed
     telecommunication lines to open the eyes of decision-makers for their
     installation in remote/rural areas of developing countries.

(11) Dr. Ninfa Saturnino Springer (a Filipino-American) will present her
     distance learning course on nutrition during this event.

          She will do so during our Manaus event next week.

          She is scheduled to be in Manila soon so that she may visit you.

(12) In addition to Sonos 5500 (which Agilent will bring to your site for
     this event), we would need followings;

     (a)  PictureTel (or equivalent) unit via ISDN line at 384 Kbps, which
          will call into a video bridge at the University of Hawaii, --
          colleagues at the University of Guam and American Samoa may then
          watch the demo,

     (b)  Internet access -- preferably at 56 Kbps or higher speed,

     (c)  Personal computers,

     (d)  Overhead projector, etc.

(13) Pls visit following URLs daily (particularly Item (c)) to keep up with
     our International Workshop  Technology and Distance Education for
     Sustainable Development of the Amazonia" in Manaus, Amazona, Brazil from
     May 31st to June 2nd;

     (a)  Official web site:


     (b)  Live audio/video streaming:


               We expect AMAZONSAT will broadcast our event (particularly
               telemedicine demo and videoconferencing from 7:00 pm to 9:00
               pm of Eastern Daylight Time which is the same as Manaus
               time) through Internet, in addition to their BRAZILSAT
               analog satellite broadcasting.

     (c)  Roger Boston's photo gallery:


               Roger will also broadcast audio/video streaming in other
               sessions in May 31, June 1 and 2, than the above mentioned
               telemedicine demo and videoconferencing in the evening of May 31st.

     If you have a PC with Internet access at 56 Kbps, you can watch the
     audio/video streaming of the telemedicine demo at Roger's URL -- though
     it will be 7:00 am to 9:00 am of June 1st in Manila.

(14) ATTACHMENT I is the relevant URLs for your reference.

(15) I apologize for my disorganized msg since I am in the midst of the
     preparation of my trip to Manaus tomorrow -- will be back on 6/4th.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Best, Tak
                          ATTACHMENT I

                Reference web sites


2.   Tampere conference

3.   Global University System:


           Paper on GUS for the Manaus, Amazon mini-workshop (May 2000)

           Memorandum of Understanding for GUS Partnerships

4.   Global University System Asia-Pacific Framework

5.   Global broadband Internet networks

6.   Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF):


          GSTF as [Arthur C.] Clarke telecommunications project

7.   Manaus workshop (English version)


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