<<June 12, 2000>>

Edward Dodds <dodds@home.com>

Mr. Carlos Alberto Primo Braga <cbraga@worldbank.org>

Peter T. Knight <ptknight@attglobal.net>

Dr. Joseph N. Pelton <ecjpelton@aol.com>

Ben Hindley <ab367@sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca>

Uli Knirsch <Uli.Knirsch@Intelsat.int>

John L. Mack <jlmack@erols.com>

D.K. Sachdev <dsachdev@worldspace.com>

Charles Storer <cstorer@marstonpr.com>

Roger Lee Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>

Marlee R. Norton <mnorton@ntca.org>

Richard Line <newseditor@videoconferencing.co.uk>

Dear Electronic Colleagues:

(1) ATTACHMENT I is about our workshop on "Rescue Iridium."

(2) ATTACHMENT II is the list of our previous listserve distributions on
"Rescue Iridium" project.

(3) ATTACHMENT XII is the List of Possible Attendees.

Should you wish to attend the workshop, pls inform me at your earliest convenience.

Dear Ed:

(4) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT III).

Dear Carlos and Peter:

(5) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT IV).

Dear Carlos:

Sorry you cannot attend this workshop. We try hard to bring inexpensive
Internet around the world to reduce poverty.

Dear Peter:

As Joe Pelton says, this project may be to initiate GSTF's "in-kind
bandwidth transmission source."

I would greatly appreciate it if you can provide me with a night stay at
your home -- as I did a night before Joe Pelton's CITI Founders
Conference on 2/5th. We can discuss the strategy of our workshop. I will
arrive early evening.

Can you also bring your laptop with NetMeeting so that we can
videoconference with Roger Boston at the conference room which has T1
(1.5 Mbps) Internet line. Web access can be done concurrently with it.

Dear Joe:

(6) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT V).

Thanks for your valuable suggestions. I will talk with Peter to
incorporate your suggestions in our agenda.

It is very encouraging to know that there is interest in trying to set
up a summit meeting with leaders of INTELSAT, Worldspace, WorldBank, and
other leaders to discuss ways to accomplish the goals of the Global
Services Trust Fund. We would very much like to hear about this from you.

John Mack and D.K. Sachdev:

Pls make sure to bring someone from WorldSpace Foundation, too.

Dear Ben:

(7) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT VI).

Dear Uli:

(8) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT VII).

Will see you at the workshop.

Dear John Mack:

(9) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT VIII).


Dear Roger:

(10) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT X and XI).

Let's try your attendance through 8X8 videoconferencing or with
NetMeeting as we discussed over the phone today.

Dear Richard Line:

(11) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT XII) and your publicity effort.

See you at the workshop on 6/20th.

Best, Tak

Workshop on "Rescue Iridium"

1. Date: June 20 (Tuesday), 2000

2. Time: from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

3. Location: National Telephone Cooperative Association
4121 Wilson Boulevard, 10th Floor
Arlington, VA. 22203
Tel: 703-351-2007
Fax: 703-351-2027
(across the street from Ballston Mall and 2 blocks from
Ballston Metro Station)

4. Agenda:

a. Brief description on Global University System project

Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D. (confirmed)
V.P. for Technology and Coordination
Global University System

b. Brief description on Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF) project

Peter T. Knight, Ph.D. (confirmed)
Knight, Moore
Joseph N. Pelton
George Washington University

c. Possible use of Iridium for narrow-band Internet uplinking (ATTACHMENT III)

Jim Miller (not confirmed yet)
Synectics, Ltd.

d. Possible use of WorldSpace satellite for broadband downlinking (ATTACHMENT IV)

John Mack (confirmed)
John L. Mack & Associates

e. Brainstorming on technicalities for the Internet use of Iridium

f. Brainstorming on legalities

g. Brainstorming on fund raising

h. Brainstorming on next step.

5. Purpose:

To brainstorm the feasibility of utilizing Iridium for Internet access,
as inexpensively uplinking to it (as Jim Miller proposed) and then
utilizing Worldspace satellite for broadband downlinking (as John Mack proposed).

In relation to the Castle Harlan's activity (ATTACHMENT III), our
discussion will focus on how we can utilize their excess capacity for
the use of our Internet access. I am now trying to get someone from
Castle Harlan Inc. (Tel: 212-644-8600) attending our workshop.

6. Available equipment:

a. Conference room with 80 to 100 seating,

b. Overhead projector,

c. PC to access web via T1 (1.5 Mbps) line and a projector,

d. Flip chart.

7. Should you wish to attend this workshop, pls send me your full name,
affiliation, phone/fax and email address at your earliest convenience.

List of listserve distributions about "Rescue Iridium" project at

<http://www.friends-partners.org/~utsumi/gu-l/mid-2000/> and

1. "Rescue Iridium" workshop on 6/20th - June 7, 2000

2. "Rescue Iridium" workshop and GSTF project - May 24, 2000

3. JICA seminar & Japan's digital divide plan for July Okinawa Summit - May 24, 2000

4. UNESCO connections - May 23, 2000

5. Workshop on "Rescue Iridium" project - May 18, 2000

6. Inquiry on the date of workshop for "Rescue Iridium" project - May 12, 2000

7. $2+ billion fund for Education by the World Bank - May 3, 2000,

8. Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part IV / Responses) - April 21, 2000,

9. Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part III / Responses) - April 15, 2000,

10. Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion (Part II / Responses) - April 8, 2000,

11. Rescue of Iridium's 66 satellites at $5 billion - April 5, 2000.

From: "Ed Dodds" <dodds@home.com>
To: "Tak Utsumi \(E-mail\)" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Subject: Iridium Satellite Phone Gets Offer
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 14:49:04 -0500

Iridium Satellite Phone Gets Offer
San Francisco Examiner
A prominent investment firm is offering to save the Iridium satellite
telephone venture from destruction with a $50 million bid to acquire all of
the bankrupt company's assets. New York-based Castle Harlan Inc. revealed
Thursday that it has submitted a proposal to the federal court overseeing
the bankruptcy case, which had seemingly reached a climax in March when a
judge approved Iridium's request to cease operations and destroy its $5
billion constellation of more than 66 satellites by pulling them from orbit

Ed Dodds
ICQ 49457096

From: capbraga@hotmail.com
Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 16:11:23 -0400
Cc: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Error Condition Re: Re: "Rescue Iridium" workshop and GSTF project


I read with interest the efforts toward the conference on \Iridium. I am
currently in \Brazil on my way to Europe. Concerning your comments about
the World Bank, let me assure you that it has nothing to do with `the not
invented here syndrome. \In picking our priorities in this area we choose
those projects that we believe may have the greatest impact on poverty
reduction (not to mention chances of success for funding mobilization).

>From: PTKnight <ptknight@attglobal.net>
>To: gu-l@friends-partners.org
>CC: Frank Method <unesco1@cais.com>, Lane Smith <lasmith@usaid.gov>,
>Joe Pelton <ecjpelton@aol.com>, Kate Wild <wild@un.org>, Uri
>Bar-Zemer <uri@ids.net>, Janice Brodman <janiceb@edc.org>
>Subject: Re: "Rescue Iridium" workshop and GSTF project
>Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 06:03:58 -0300
>Dear Tak:
>Delighted to see the Rescue Irridium conference is going ahead and that the
>GSTF will be on the agenda as well. In my work here in
>Brazil I have become even more convinced that GSTF is a significant
>initiative, and we can't afford to drop the ball, or as the
>Brazilians say, "deixar a peteca cair".
>I fear the "not invented here" syndrome is affecting some international
>organizations such as the World Bank which should be
>interested. They have so many other initiatives, that this is getting lost
>in the dust. But it is very much in their interest and that
>of their clients that it go forward. The legal framework of a multi-donor
>grant making organization developed at such pains for infoDev
>(which as far as I can tell is having trouble mobilizing funding) could be
>used easily to set up GSTF, which would be larger than
>infoDev by many orders of magnitude (I hope we are talking about
>US$billions compared with millions for infoDev, which still has a
>considerable backlog of approved, but unfunded projects. In fact, many
>potential infoDev projects are never even presented because it
>is known the wait is so long and the funds so relatively small.
>My only problem with the proposed agenda is that it doesn't explicitly give
>enough attention to discussion of the GSTF. While Iridium
>is very sexy, I have, as you know, serious doubts about whether it will be
>possible to keep this high-priced system in orbit.
>Nevertheless, I am very happy to see the potential for doing so debated by
>real experts in satellite technology. I would hope someone
>from INTELSAT and say Uri Bar-Zemer would also attend. It is very good that
>Janice Brodman is going to participate. She is very
>knowledgeable and well plugged in to many other organizations.
>My own feeling is that GSTF is a much more workable proposition, since it
>would use existing, funded and functional satellites and
>fiber, and mobilize resources in kind from their owners, plus benefit the
>owners by purchasing additional broadband capacity using the
>financial resources on non-owners of broad bandwidth. I am thinking of
>corporations which indirectly benefit, e.g. CISCO, Sun
>Microsystems, Microsoft, etc. There are sources, such as the Gates
>Foundation (run by Bill Gates' father) that could contribute such $$$ resources.
>That is one of the many nice aspects of GSTF -- by giving some bandwidth
>away, the owners also get new business by selling some more
>bandwidth purchased by other non-owner donors.
>Another key element which should be attracting the major international
>organizations and the global telecom community is the policy
>conditionality, and the participatory form in which it would be established
>under the GSTF proposal -- i.e. the ITU, INTELSAT, UNESCO,
>WHO, and World Bank Group are being asked to CONVENE working groups,
>including private sector, NGO, foundation, national government
>agencies, and other stakeholders to work out the minimum requirements for
>access to the free bandwidth for educational and health projects.
>I will definitely be at the conference on June 20. Only problem is an
>apointment, long postponed, with peridontist at 11:00. If I can't
>change it, I will have to absent myself from about 10:30-12:15 (guessing
>times from Balston to downtown and back).
>With best regards,

Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 07:56:02 -0400
From: Ecjpelton@aol.com
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: "Rescue Iridium" workshop on 6/20th

Dear Tak: Clearly good progress is being made for the workshop on 20 June. I
believe that in light of the many agenda items that it would be good to
assign times to the various items and that some thought should be given to
which individuals or teams will be given responsibility to follow up on various
items. I also believe that some consolidation of items might be useful. I
believe we should combine the issue of the Global Service Trust Fund, the
commitment by Worldspace to devote 5% of their capacity to tele-education and
tele-health (which might be considered a first step toward accomplishing the
Global Service Trust Fund concept), and the discussion of Worldspace's
proposal to host a "summit" of high level people to discuss the concept of
GSTF. I would appreciate the opportunity to report on some of these items
along with Peter Knight. Finally, I believe that the brainstorming sessions
might be best held in breakout groups rather than as a committee of the
whole. Finally, I believe that we need to create a process to evaluate the
cost effectiveness and utility of various options. I, like our colleague
from Brazil, believe the Iridium option is not a cost effective solution to
our specific goals and objectives. I will try to call to discuss how we might
consider some of these refinements to the agenda.

Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 10:11:07 -0400
From: Ben Hindley <ab367@sfn.saskatoon.sk.ca>
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: "Rescue Iridium" workshop on 6/20th

Dear Friends:

In reference to:

(g) Should you wish to attend this workshop, pls send me your full
name, affiliation, phone/fax and email address by June 12th.

I would love to be there but I can not make it.

If I can assist in any way via e-mail to this conference and help in
anyway Please e-mail me. I will be watching my e-mail on June 20 all day
for any updates or any information or ideas that I can send to you from Canada.

We are involved in ICT in Canada, Africa, South America and Pakistan.

I hope that we can work together and save the satellities.

I know that we sure could use them.

All the Best at the Conference

Ben Hindley

From: Uli.Knirsch@Intelsat.int
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: FW: FW: "Rescue Iridium" workshop on 6/20th
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 09:13:57 -0400


I plan on attending the conference - unaffiliated, if you don't mind.

Regards, Uli Knirsch
202 944 7164

Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 19:36:40 -0400
From: John Mack <jlmack@erols.com>
To: Tak Utsumi <utsumi@friends-partners.org>
Subject: Iridium Meeting

Hi Tak,
Received your message on the meeting and have a few questions:
1) Did you speak with the group that has an offer in for purchasing
Iridium (as we talked about on the phone)? If so, what was their response?
2) We need someone from Worldspace to address the technical issues. Have
you spoken with D.K. Sachdev and is he coming??

As we discussed, if the purchasing group is not interested in market
provided by the development community, we would be wasting our time.


Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 21:49:21 -0400
From: utsumi <utsumi@columbia.edu>
To: John Mack <jlmack@erols.com>
CC: Tak Utsumi <utsumi@friends-partners.org>
Subject: Re: Iridium Meeting - Personal

Dear John:

(1) Talked with the followiing person;

Charles Storer
Robert Marston & Associates

They are public relation firm for Castle Harlan, Inc. (212 644-8600) which
is bidding for Iridium.

I sent him my last listserve distribution and requested him to attend our
mtg, but have not received his reply yet. I will check with him on his
attendance Monday, and let you know.

(2) When I talked with Sachdev a few weeks ago, he said that he would
attend our mtg. I will check on him Monday, also.

Best, Tak

Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 13:50:30 -0700
From: Roger Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>
To: gu-glh@friends-partners.org, utsumi@columbia.edu
Subject: Re: Distance learning activities in the Western Pacific region


<<June 12, 2000>> Removed here by T. Utsumi,

There is a "Rescue Irridum" Meeting scheduled for June 20 on the East Coast --
I am interested since expressing a willingness to finance ten small field
units and some of the gateway. Can likely not attend that in person, but if
you can arrange an ANALOG phone line there, I can ship an H.324 unit to the
meeting site and participate in that way, even if there is no internet
connection. A possibility?


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 22:51:31 -0700
From: Roger Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
Subject: Phone call tomorrow

May we talk by phone tomorrow?
I can call you.


1. Bridge to Guam
2. Iridium Project
3. My loan to you of H.324 Video Device

Shortly after lunch Eastern time, 2-3 PM?


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 14:42:05 +0100
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
From: richard line <newseditor@videoconferencing.co.uk>
Subject: "Save Iridium" project and meeting

I appreciate all the info you have been sending.

I have written the attached on Save Iridium to go to press on Wednesday, 14 June.

Having worked for the UN for 20 years, I do hope this great idea gets off the ground.

Let me have confirmation your part is accurate please by Tuesday noon.


Richard Line

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List of Possible Attendees

John C. Afele, Ph.D. (not confirmed)
University of Guelph

Richard Bliss (not confirmed)
Visualiztion Lab

Roger Lee Boston (confirmed -- by videoconferencing)
Houston Community College System

Janice Brodman (confirmed)
Education Development Center, Inc.

Bruce P. Chadwick (not confirmed)
Winrock International

Gary Garriott (confirmed)
Volunteers in Technical Assistance (VITA)

Gary may bring two or three people of military types and ex-Iridium
VITA volunteers (not confirmed)

David A. Johnson (not confirmed)
University of Tennessee

David Josephson (not confirmed)
Josephson Engineering

Peter T. Knight (confirmed)
Knight, Moore - Telematics for Education and Development

Uli Knirsch (confirmed)

Hans Kruse (not confirmed)
Ohio University

John L. Mack, CEO (confirmed)
John L. Mack & Associates

A former V.P. for Marketing (confirmed)
(John Mack confirmed her attendance.)

Erick Marler (not confirmed)
IBM Latin America

Jim Miller (not confirmed)

Marlee R. Norton (confirmed)
National Telephone Cooperative Association

Joseph N. Pelton (confirmed)
George Washington University

Mr. Eugene Robkin (not confirmed)
United World College (UWC)
University of Wisconsin College

Gian Piero T. Roz (not confirmed)
United Nations

D.K. Sachdev (confirmed)
Worldspace Corporation

Commander John Shakespeare (not confirmed)

Charles Storer (not confirmed)
Robert Marston & Associates
On behalf of Castle Harlan, Inc.

Stephen G. Tom (not confirmed)
Teleport Consulting Group International, L.L.C.

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List of Distribution

Edward Dodds
Association for the Development of Religious Information Systems (ADRIS)
PO Box 210735
Nashville TN 37221-0735
Fax: 508-632-0370

Mr. Carlos Alberto Primo Braga
Program Manager
Information for Development (InfoDev)
The World Bank
1818 H Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20433
Fax: (202) 522 3186

Peter T. Knight
Knight, Moore - Telematics for Education and Development
Communications Development Incorporated (CDI)
Strategy, Policy, Design, Implementation, Evaluation
1808 I Street, NW, 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20006, USA
Tel: 1-202-775-2132 (secretary), 1-202-721-0348 (direct)
Fax: 1-202-775-2135 (office), 1-202-362-8482 (home)
webmail: ptknight@netscape.net
IP for CU-SeeMe:
http://www.knight-moore.com/projects/GSTF.html -- about GSTF

Dr. Joseph N. Pelton
Senior Research Scientist
Institute for Applied Space Research, Rm 340
George Washington University
2033 K Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20052
Fax: 202-994-5505
Acting Executive Director of CITI
Vice-Chair of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation of the U.S. (ACCFUS)
Arthur C. Clark Institute for Telecommunication and Information (CITI)
4025 40th Street North
Arlington, VA 22207
(703) 536-6985

Ben Hindley
ICT Consultant, Distance Education Consultant
TeleMED International, Canada
H. Peace and K. Barn (ICT STORE) International Limited
201-502 Tait Crescent
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Canada, S7H 5L2
(306) 374-0346

Uli Knirsch
3400 International Drive, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008-3098
202 944 7164

John L. Mack, CEO
John L. Mack & Associates
International Telecommunications Investment Consultant
P.O. Box 567
Upper Marlboro, MD 20773-0567
Fax: 301-627-2188

D.K. Sachdev
Senior Vice President
Engineering & Operations
Worldspace Corporation
2400 N Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20037 USA
Tel: 202 969 6000
Direct: 202 969 6210
Fax: 202 969 6003

Charles Storer
Robert Marston & Associates
On behalf of Castle Harlan, Inc.

Roger Lee Boston
Rockwell Chair/Instructor
Distance Education/Technology Center
Houston Community College System
4310 Dunlavy Street
P.O.Box 7849
Houston, Texas 77006
Tel: +1-713-718 5224
Fax: +1-713-718 5301
boston_r@hccs.cc.tx.us (secondary)

Marlee R. Norton
Director of Program Development
National Telephone Cooperative Association
4121 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA. 22203
Tel: 703-351-2007
Fax: 703-351-2027
E-mail: mnorton@ntca.org
Website: www.ntca.org

Richard Line
MA Cambridge and Stanford Universities
Editor and Publisher
Videoconferencing Insight
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United Kingdom
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