<<June 22, 2000>>

Kimberly K. Obbink <kobbink@montana.edu>

Mr. Myron H. Nordquist <myron_nordquist@burns.senate.gov>

Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez <rbrsat@pworld.net.ph>

Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez <paeling@doctor.com>

Ninfa Saturnino Springer <ninfa@umich.edu>

Herman D. Tolentino <hermant@I-manila.com.ph>

Steve McCarty <steve@kagawa-jc.ac.jp>

R. Daniel Hague <dhague@umich.edu>

Professor Rashid Bashshur <bashshur@umich.edu>

Dr. Y. C. Chong <chongyc@who.org.ph>

Dr. K. S. Park <parkk@who.org.ph>

CHIEKO IKEDA <ikedac@who.org.ph>

Raj Gururaja <raj_gururaja@agilent.com>

Drisha Leggitt <drisha_leggitt@agilent.com>

Mr. Bruce R. Best <bbest@uog9.uog.edu>

Sherrilynne Fuller <sfuller@u.washington.edu>

G. Robert (Bob) Converse <bob.converse@mauicc.Hawaii.Edu>

Dear Kim:

(1) A few weeks ago, I sent you a draft version of your travel grant
application for our Manila workshop from October 29th to 31st which is
to be submitted from your BTC to the NSF, -- hopefully, with a help of
Myron, as he kindly did for our Tampere event last August.

Dear Ninfa:


I am sorry you cannot participate in our Manila workshop.

Pls have a very pleasant cruise-tour to the Holylands.

Pls also arrange the presentation of your VCON-CD by your colleagues in
the Philippines, and have them inform me how it will be done.

Dear Kim and Ralph:

(3) Pls visit following;

Travel Grant Application to the NSF for Mini-workshop at St. Luke
College of Medicine and The University of Philippines/Open University,
Manila, Philippines, October 29-31, 2000," at <http://www.friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/Manila%20Workshop/NSF_appl_for_Manila.html>.

This version removed Ninfa and Bob Springer.

Dear Bob Converse:

RE: Your msg of 6/21st

Pls visit the above web. Thanks.

Dear Ralph and Herman:

(4) Pls construct a web site as utilizing the info in the above mentioned
grant application. You may construct it in the similar fashion as;

(a) Tampere event:


(b) Manaus workshop:


Dear Steve:

Pls assist them on this matter -- if necessary, you may suggest
them that the web site can be located at the UTK host computer.

Pls confirm the availability of a videoconference unit (PictureTel or
Polycom, etc.) and an ISDN line at 384 Kbps.

Dear Raj:

Pls reconfirm the availability of your Sonos 5500 echocardiogram
and work with them.

Dear Dan:

(5) RE: Your msg of 6/19th

Pls let me know the result of your mtg with Rashid. Pls tell him that
this telemed demo at the Manila workshop is particularly important to
impress Dr. Shigeru Omi, the Director General of the WHO/Manila whom I
contacted about a year ago for our Tampere event.

BTW, pls

1. shorten your bio into a half of that,

2. obtain from Dr. Starling the medical terminology of the
disease of the patient at your telemed demo during our Manaus workshop.

Dear Bruce and Sherri:

(6) Pls visit

"Preparation for Manila workshop on 10/29th to 31st - June 8, 2000" at


and supply me the following at your earliest convenience (if you can
make the Manila workshop),

(a) Full official address (title, division, affiliation, mailing
address, phone/fax, email, and URL, etc.) with social security number,

(b) A half to one full page of brief descriptive bio,

(c) A half to one full page description of possible contribution to
our colleagues in Philippines through this project, -- including
brief descriptions of intended distance learning courses, how it
is to be delivered through narrowband Internet, etc. This is very
important to convince peer group members of the NSF travel grant program.

Dear Lex:

(7) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT II).

I will work on the revision of my paper and send it to you by the end of June.

Best, Tak

Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 21:23:30 -0400
To: utsumi@columbia.edu, isilayan@i-manila.com.ph, deanfhs@mozcom.com.ph
From: "Ninfa S. Springer" <ninfa@umich.edu>
Subject: Re: Backup for VCON presentation

Dear Tak,

I am more sorry than you are! Bob and I have pre-booked a cruise-tour of
the Holylands and will have no access to phones or internet. We suggest
that we request Imelda Silayan, Dr. Teresita Barcelo and/or Dr. Lolit
Suplido to present the VCON CD. Besides the VCON demo, they can project how
the Nutritionist-Dietitian's Association of the Philippines Foundation and
the University of the Philippines Open University will collaborate to
provide a continuing professional education program using the latter's 27
Learning Centers. Please let me hear from you all and thanks in advance.


Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 15:34:05 -0400
From: Felix Librero <lex@laguna.net>
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: Preparation for Manila workshop on 10/29th to 31st

Dear Tak,

Thank you for your msg. I have downloaded your paper, but I shall
appreciate very much if you can send me the revised version.

We are now in the process of finalizing the schedule of parallel
presentations. We have filled the 64 slots available. Your paper is the
last one on my list since I just got it.

Tak, all paper presenter are given only 15 mins formal presentation and 5
mins open foum. I hope you wouldn't mind this. This is the only way we
can accommodate the so many papers submitted for presentation. All papers
are very good and we'd hate to exclude anyone of them.

Warmest regards,

Lex Librero

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