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Dr. Fernando Antonio Menezes <fernando.menezes@hotmail.com>

Sylvia Isabel Esterl <sylvia@technet.com.br>

Roger Lee Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>

Mr. Albert A. Eisenstat <EISENSTAT@AppleLink.Apple.COM>

Mr. Eduardo Tadao Takahashi <tadao@na-cp.rnp.br>

Marcos Costa <marcos_costa@agilent.com>

Alexandre Tunes <alexandre_tunes@agilent.com>

Drisha Leggitt <drisha_leggitt@agilent.com>

Professor Rashid Bashshur <bashshur@umich.edu>

R. Daniel Hague <dhague@umich.edu>

Dear Fernando:

(1) I thank you very much for your cordial invitation to visit your
university and town on 6/3rd. I thoroughly enjoyed it and greatly
appreciated your and your peoples' generous hospitality.

Dear Sylvia:

Pls forward this msg to Fernando, since my listserve distribution
of yesterday bounced back from his address. It was entitled:
"Brief report about our Manaus mini-workshop on 5/31st to 6/2nd"
[see the index].

Dear Electronic Colleagues:

(2) His town, Boa Vista, is located about one and a half hour flight north
from Manaus. It is in the midst of high plateau savanna and very close
to Venezuela (about 2 hours drive to its border) and Guyana. It is very
hot and humid there. There is a large river, an upstream which goes to
Negro which becomes Amazon River at around Manaus.

(3) The town is well designed as a modern city with wide boulevards, though
its inhabitants are still 180,000 with rapid growth.

His university is the youngest one in Brazil with about 4,500 students.

The construction of Sylvia's children's hospital with 78 beds has just
completed with very new equipment.

(4) In spite of Saturday, there was a gathering of about 30 faculties for my
talk in the morning of 6/3rd.

I tried to access various web sites, including Roger Boston's, but in
vain. The platform was Window 98 with 56 Kbps to access a commercial
ISP. The web retrieval was very slow and the machine often crashed --
Fernando suspected it to be due to Window's failure.

Fernando wants to make Apple computer ubiquitous in his
university, but alas, Apple is very expensive in Brazil. He is
considering to approach to Apple headquarter in Cupertino, CA
directly to appeal his desire.

(5) Thanks to Mr. Eduardo Tadao Takahashi's group's activities, the federal
universities in Brazil (including Fernando's) will soon have the
broadband (45 Mbps) Internet.

It will come via satellite from Sao Paulo to the EMBRATEL in Boa Vista,
and microwaved to Fernando's university -- it may further be extended to
Sylvia's hospital with the use of a spread spectrum (2 to 10 Mbps)
wireless approach. According to Fernando, this was supposed to happen
in May, but EMBRATEL extended it to the next month, i.e., July.

(6) As soon as there is the broadband Internet, Fernando wants to hold a
mini-workshop at his university with Roger Boston's demonstration.

I would like to suggest that Fernando with his medical background
obtains Agilent peoples' cooperation to bring their echocardiogram
machine and use it to send its image to the University of Michigan
through the broadband Internet, instead of ISDN.

This will be a very unique demonstration of collaborative
telemedicine with the world most advanced medical school and the
world remotest corner in the middle of Amazon, yet utilizing the
most advanced broadband Internet -- and most inexpensively!!

(7) As being the youngest, Fernando's university has a very unique
privilege. Although there are several campuses in the middle of town,
the university has a completely empty real estate of 560 acres outskirts
of the town with a large lake and a nearby river. It is a plateau
savanna and can see a high microwave towner of EMBRATEL in the town.

Fernando requested that our Global University System should be involved
in his design of constructing its vision as the future of the
university, looking into a next millennium. The vision will then be
articulated for designing the surroundings, environment and facilities
for the world class educational and research institution.

As an off-hand idea, I suggest him that the university should take into
account of cherishing the special conditions in his localities, e.g.,
some indigenous people around his town are still living in the same way
as of a half millennium (500 years) ago and the Amazon jungle is the
source of new pharmacology, etc. The university should select several
themes, e.g., environment, agriculture, healthcare, international study,
etc., and have theme-park style settings with multimedia seminar and
conference rooms with global connections where outreach students come occasionally.

Fernando would certainly welcome your suggestions for his new university.

Best, Tak

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Rede Nacional de Pesquisa - CNPq
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