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Kimberly K. Obbink <kobbink@montana.edu>

Rafael Bozeman Rodriguez <rbrsat@pworld.net.ph>

Felix (Lex) Librero <lex@laguna.net>

Herman D. Tolentino <hermant@I-manila.com.ph>

Dr. Teresita I. Barcelo <tbarcelo@iconn.com.ph>

P. Tapio Varis <tapio.varis@uta.fi>

Ninfa Saturnino Springer <ninfa@umich.edu>

Dear Ralph:

(1) I presume that you are now on your way home over the Pacific. I hope
you had wonderful time with your children and grandchildren in the past
month, since you saw them 8 years ago.

(2) ATTACHMENT I is a copy of the msg from Kim which proposes to postpone
your workshop to next January or February. I strongly suggest that you
follow her proposition because;

(a) without this travel grant, no American can attend, hence no sense
of the workshop, i.e., getting the grant is the highest priority,

(b) Kim has an excellent track record of receiving various grants from
the NSF and others, so that she knows what she is talking about,

(c) since getting this grant is her job and responsibility, we better
follow her suggestion so that she would feel comfortable to succeed.

Incidentally, Myron about whom Kim mentioned works at
Senator Burns' office; he is Vice Chairman of the Appropriations
Committee which provides the billion dollar budget to the NSF.

(3) Meanwhile, on your side in the Philippines, you may take advantage
of this time period for the following;

(a) As Kim's application (*) says, this workshop is not a one-time
experience. Therefore, you can strengthen your team members so
that your project can continue and grow further after the workshop
ends. The team members can be from your Trinity College, St. Luke's
College of Medicine and UPOU, etc.

(*) See;
"Travel Grant Application to the NSF for Mini-workshop at
St. Luke College of Medicine and The University of
Philippines/Open University, Manila, Philippines, October
29-31, 2000 (Revised on 7/14/00)" at <http://www.friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/Manila%20Workshop/NSF_appl_for_Manila.html>.

Herman has already agreed to construct a web site for the
workshop in the UPOU's server which can grow to be a portal (or
database) of available distance learning courses -- by
linking to already available ones or installing new ones, etc.

(b) Teresita's previous msg said that, due to budget constraints,
the UPOU cannot have more than one international
conference/workshop a year. Therefore, Kim's postponement may relieve
their condition.

Lex and Herman:

Teresita's email addresses do not work any longer.

Should you and your team wish, you may apply for a grant to the
InfoDev of the World Bank jointly with us (GUS) for not only this
workshop but also for your subsequent activities.

Thanks to the success of our Tampere event last year, the
InfoDev manager encouraged Tapio Varis to submit grant
applications for our follow-up projects. Pls discuss this
matter with Lex and others in Manila to decide who should be
the submitter of the application.

We can work out the application jointly, as I did for Tapio
for our Tampere event and for Kim for her NSF grant
applications, etc. We have enough info on this in our web
sites. It is just doing cut-and-paste and patching them
together into the InfoDev format <http://www.infodev.org/projects/apply.htm>.

If you decide to do this, you need to start working on this
application ASAP. Pls let me know your decision.

(c) If I succeed to obtain a travel grant from the InfoDev of the
World Bank (*), I plan to attend The 14th Annual Conference of The
Asian Association of Open Universities at The University of
Philippines/Open University, Manila, Philippines, on 10/25/00 - 10/27/00.

(*) See
"InfoDev Conference Scholarship Fund and support messages - July 13, 2000" at

During my stay for this conference, I can discuss with you and
your team for further planning, including the availability of
PictureTel, ISDN, Internet line at 56 Kbps (or higher), etc.

Lex, Kim, Ralph, Tapio:

As requested in this distribution, pls send your brief
support email to my inquiry of $15,000 to Ms. Laure Charvin
<lcharvin@worldbank.org> of the InfoDev of the World Bank -- cc to me, pls.

Ralph, Kim and Lex:

(4) As mentioned in the above distribution, I have a series of workshops to
attend so that I would prefer the Manila workshop is to be held in the
middle of next January -- the University of Guelph people have already
submitted their grant application for their workshop in February to the InfoDev.

Ralph and Lex:

I hope this change is permissible with your people in Manila. Pls
let me know the results of your discussions and specific
convenient dates of your workshop in January.


You may then submit your application to the NSF with tentative
date in January at your earliest convenience -- the NSF requires
the submission as early as possible. I think that we can change
it later according to the discussion results of Manila team.

Dear Ninfa:

(5) I hope you can revive your trip to the Holy Land in November.

Best, Tak

From: "Obbink, Kim" <kobbink@montana.edu>
To: "'Takeshi Utsumi'" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Subject: RE: Warning: could not send message for past 4 hours (fwd)
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 10:45:42 -0600

Dear Tak,
I don't understand the bounce back...it seems like I have been receiving all
of your messages.

I hope to finish the NSF proposal early next week to send off. I am
wondering if you want to consider proposing a later date for the meeting? I
know that you have already secured dates with the people in the Philipines,
however, I'm worried about the timing with NSF. Even with Myron's help, I
don't think they will be receptive. Last year we were able to get funding
since we were asking for money near the end of their fiscal year and they
had some leftover money in their budget that needed to be spent. This time
we will be asking for money at the beginning of their fiscal year so they
have no incentive to try and distribute leftover money.

If we proposed a date in January or February, I think that we would have a
much greater chance of getting this funded.

I wish I was doing more fishing...too busy. Also it is supposed to be 98
degrees here today...too hot for Montana!

Best Wishes,
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