<<July 26, 2000>>

Dr. Fernando Antonio Menezes <fernando_menezes@hotmail.com>

Prof. Dr. Fredric Michael Litto <frmlitto@usp.br>

Mr. Eduardo Tadao Takahashi <tadao@na-cp.rnp.br>

Marcos Costa <marcos_costa@agilent.com>

Alexandre Tunes <alexandre_tunes@agilent.com>

Dear Fernando:

(1) It was my great pleasure to speak with you over the phone a few minutes ago.

(2) In response to the cordial invitation of Prof. Fred Litto of the
University of Sao Paulo (ATTACHMENT I and II), I am attending his
conference of Brazilian Association of Distance Education and
International Council of Distance Education (ICDE) in Sao Paulo, Brazil
from August 13 to 18 (see Fred's web site <http://www.abed.org.br> for details).

(3) I am very glad to know that you will also attend the event so that we
can continue our discussions made during my visit on June 3rd to your
university right after our Manaus event.

(4) Referring to our conversation, pls retrieve followings;

(a) "Brief report of my visit to the University of Roraima on 6/3rd -
June 6, 2000" at <http://www.friends-partners.org/~utsumi/gu-l/mid-2000/6-6-a.html>,

(b) "Sao Paulo ICDE/ABED conference / possible August Roraima workshop
- July 1, 2000" at <http://www.friends-partners.org/~utsumi/gu-l/mid-2000/7-1-a.html>,

(c) "UK Open University: Ihor's visit & Paul's paper - July 8, 2000"
at <http://www.friends-partners.org/~utsumi/gu-l/mid-2000/7-8-a.html>.

Pls note Items (9) of the above (3)-(b) and (c) about your project of
establishing your new university campus.

On the other hand, I have been waiting to receive your proposal of this
project (see ATTACHMENT II of the above Item (3)-(b)).

(5) I asked Fred to reserve an inexpensive single room at a nearby hotel.

Pls talk with him to find out where it is, so that we can stay at the same hotel.

Dear Fred:

Your web site does not have any information/registration of the
hotel reservation. So, pls help me on this and let me know the
name and address of the hotel you reserved for me ASAP. Thanks.

I will try to arrive in Sao Paulo airport by the morning of 8/13th
(Sunday) and leave in the evening of 8/19th.

(6) As mentioned during our phone conversation this morning, I would also
greatly appreciate it if you can kindly arrange our meetings with Mr.
Takahashi and Messrs. Costa and Tunes -- the former about broadband
Internet in Brazil and the latter about telemedicine demo from your
university and about broadband (45 Mbps) satellite Internet kiosk in
Costa Rica which they presented during the Manaus workshop.

Dear Electronic Colleagues:

(7) Pls visit Fred's web site <www.abed.org.br>, and try to attend it if
possible. If so, pls let me know so that we can meet there.

Best, Tak

Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2000 05:46:48 -0400
From: "Fredric M. Litto" <frmlitto@usp.br>
To: utsumi@friends-partners.org
Subject: Re: Possible brainstorming in Caracas, Venezuela in November

dear Tak and other friends:
i also enjoyed participating in the manaus meeting, and thought it was
highly useful. please consider that abed-the brazilian distance education
association is highly interested in supporting and collaborating with the
actions developed below.....
but i don't understand why it is necessary to wait for november to brainstorm.....
(1) we can start a discussion list specifically for this purpose......
(2) i can arrange rooms for F2F discussions during the ICDE/ABED meetings
here in sao paulo 13-18 august...i can even put it on the agenda of the abed
meeting (16-18 august) if Tak wishes me to do so.....i think there is
something to be said for bringing tak's work as an integrator into a
regular, formal setting, such as the abed congresses (and others)....i
remember attending tak's demo sessions at the icde scop meeting in moscow
(1994?)...but there wasn't continuity within icde for this work....my
proposal is to develop a formal relationship between abed and glosas, such
that there is a glosas interest/working group permanently within abed,
working all year round, and with a permanent place on the annual congress
program....i think alex rivas could be an excellent group leader for this
task, involving brazilians from all over the country, both in the specific
amazonia tasks, and in other tasks within brazil using the glosas
leadership, international personal networking and projects....the idea would
be to grow from the stage of demos and move up to the higher stage of
full-blown glosas projects, either within a single country, or extended over
several countries.....make sense?
cheers to all
fred litto

Brazilian Association for Distance Education

Mr. Takeshi Utsumi
Chairman, GLOSAS/USA

Sao Paulo, 24 July 2000

Dear Mr.Takeshi Utsumi

On behalf of the Program Committee of the Conference SCOP 2000 - Standing
Committee of Presidents of Open and Distance Learning Institutions, an annual
event sponsored by the ICDE- international Council for Open and Distance
Learning, I am pleased to extend to you the present invitation to participate
in this year's Conference which will be held in Silo Paulo, Brazil, from
August 13 to 15, immediately followed by the ICDE Regional Meeting for Latin
America (August 16-17) and the Seventh Congress of ABED-Brazilian Association
for Distance Education (August 17-18), to which you are also cordially
Invited. All three meetings will have simultaneous translation into English,
Spanish and Portuguese.

As you know, the SCOP meetings are restricted to the chief executive officers
of open and distance learning organizations around the world, and their
purpose is to discuss high-level strategies adopted by member Institutions in
their respective countries in order to democratize education and to constantly
improve quality in the realization of distance education efforts. We are,
therefore, most anxious to have the benefit of your participation and
contribution in the discussions- Attached to this invitation you will find a
copy of the preliminary program of the event, including the keynote speakers.
Additional details can be found on the sits of the event: www.abed.org.br

Please let me know if You will require any help with the obtaining of the
necessary visa to enter Brazil.

it will be a special honor for us to have you here among us in the important
discussions to be held here in Sao Paulo in August, and I look forward with
interest to your earliest reply

Cordial best wishes,

Prof. Dr, Fredric M. Litto
President, ABED-Brazilian Association for Distance Education
And Professor of Communications of the University of Sao Paulo

Av. Prof. Lucio Martins Rodrigues Trav 4, Blow 18, Cidade Universitaria CEP
05508-900, Sao Paulo-SP
Telefone: 011) 31318-4924 e Fone/Fax: (0 11) 381 8168
e-mail: abed@edu.usp.br
homepage: www.abed.org.br
List of Distribution

Dr. Fernando Antonio Menezes
University of Roraima
Universidade Federal de Roraima
Campus do Paricarana/BR 174 S/N
Boa Vista, RORAIMA
Tel: 95-623-9067, 9065
Fax: 95-623-9063

Prof. Dr. Fredric Michael Litto
President, Brazilian Association of Distance Education
Professor and General Coordinator
Technologies as Applied to Education
Research Nucleus Investigating the New Communications
The School of the Future
University of Sao Paulo
Av. Prof. Lucio Martins Rodrigues, Trav. 4,
No. 33 - Bloco 18 - Cidade Universitaria
CEP - 05508-900 - Sao Paulo
Fone/Fax: +55-11-3816-8168
Fax: +55+11+815.3083

Mr. Eduardo Tadao Takahashi (FAX: +55-192-39-3070)
Rede Nacional de Pesquisa - CNPq
National Research Network of Brazil
Rua Dr. Antonio Augusto de Almeida, 334
Cidade Universitaria
13083 Campinas - SP - BRASIL

Marcos Costa
Agilent Technologies Brasil Ltda.
Alameda Araguaia, 1142 - 2 Andar
06455-000 - Barueri - SP - Brasil
Fax: +55-11-7297-3793

Alexandre Tunes
Director, International Business Development
Agilent Technologies Brasil Ltda.
SCN Qd 2 - Bl. A - Ed. Corporate
Finan. Center - 5 Andar - Sl. 33
70712-900 - Brasilia -DF - Brazil
Fax: +55-61-329-6199
Cel: +55-61-9965-3545
* Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D., P.E., Chairman, GLOSAS/USA *
* (GLObal Systems Analysis and Simulation Association in the U.S.A.) *
* Laureate of Lord Perry Award for Excellence in Distance Education *
* Founder of CAADE *
* (Consortium for Affordable and Accessible Distance Education) *
* President Emeritus and V.P. for Technology and Coordination of *
* Global University System (GUS) *
* 43-23 Colden Street, Flushing, NY 11355-3998, U.S.A. *
* Tel: 718-939-0928; Fax: 718-939-0656 (day time only--prefer email) *
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