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Dear Suzy:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

(2) Sorry for my belated distribution of your Call For Paper announcement.

Your conference seems very interesting.

(3) I previously suggested Paul to attend this conference for his UK Open
University and for our Global University System project.

(4) Pls convey my best personal wishes to following persons (see ATTACHMENT
II) when you meet them at KUL;

Rudi Knoops
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Dear Electronic Colleagues:

(5) Pls attend this conference if you can and solicit its attendees'
interest in our GUS project, since we need many parties' cooperation to
establish our Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF) which is to finance our
GUS and other virtual universities around the world.

Best, Tak

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000 18:42:08 +0200
Subject: REMINDER: The Wanderstudent 2000 conference - deadline abstracts
To: suzy.vanmeensel@europace.be
From: suzy.vanmeensel@europace.be (Suzy Van Meensel)

May we kindly ask you to distribute this message within your network of contacts

--- Apologies for cross-posting ---

20-21 OCTOBER 2000, LEUVEN


"The wanderstudent of 1425 revived in virtual reality in 2000? Towards a
European Virtual University"
International colloquium, organised by EuroPACE in the framework of the 575th
anniversary celebrations of Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

We are happy to announce that we already received a substantial number of
abstracts. Authors intending to submit an abstract are invited to do so
before 31st of July.


Theme and Structure of the Conference:

Will the student of the new millennium wander again from university to
university, but then virtually? Will every university become a regional node
within a European global web? Is the European Virtual University under
construction? Are the United States far ahead of us? Will developing
countries get equal access to learning and knowledge?

The main goals of the conference will be to provide an answer to questions such as
- How will universities of the new millennium exploit optimally the potential
of ICT and international networking for an improvement of the educational
quality, an enrichment of their learning offer, and an enhancement of
international exchange and mobility?
- How can ICT and international networking improve cost efficiency?
- Will universities have to establish strategic alliances in order to be
competitive on a global market?
- How can ICT-based international networking be used in partnership with
industry and government to develop new demand based learning activities and services?
- How can ICT-based international networking be used to provide equal access
to learning for all continents of the world, and for all groups of society?

This colloquium is targeted to all those who are interested in the impact of
ICT and networking upon the future of higher education: policy makers,
teachers, students, managers ...


Submission of abstracts:
Abstracts should clearly describe intended poster presentations or multimedia
demonstration. They should present currently running distance learning courses
or projects under development.

One-page abstracts (max. 300 words) accompanying the abstract form must reach
the Conference Secretariat by 31 July.

The call for papers as well as further information on the conference is
available on the conference website http://www.europace.be/wanderstudent2000

Important deadlines:
submission of abstracts: 31 July 2000
Notice of acceptance and invitation to prepare the final paper: 31 August 2000

Co-ordinator: Suzy Van Meensel (EuroPACE)
e-mail: suzy.vanmeensel@europace.be
Programme chairman: prof. Georges Van der Perre (K.U.Leuven)
e-mail: georges.vanderperre@linov.kuleuven.ac.be

Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 23:05:27 +0200
Subject: Triennial IAUP 1999
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
From: rudi.knoops@avd.kuleuven.ac.be (Rudi Knoops)

Dear Dr. Utsumi,

The K.U.Leuven Audiovisual Service has been asked by the International
Association of University Presidents (IAUP) to produce a video programme
for the opening session of their forthcoming Triennial Conference
(Brussels, 11-14 July 1999). The theme of this year's conference is
'Touchstones for a modern university culture'. The objective is to assess
the extent to which universities are adapting the university culture to
the demands and challenges of modern times, through a number of key topics
or 'touchstones'.

In this video programme we would like to include statements by several
authorities on some of the topics to be discussed at the conference.

We sincerely hope you would be willing to participate in our programme,
more specifically with a statement on the topic of Educational Technology
in the context of 'Globalisation in Universities'. As the future of higher
education is a crucial issue, your contribution would be of great interest
to the participants in the conference.
We only ask you to prepare a short (30 seconds 1 minute) statement on
the part universities play or should play in this particular field, to be
delivered on-camera. A camera crew will visit you at your convenience
between 15 April - 31 May 1999. The statement can be delivered in English
or in another language. In that case an English translation would be appreciated.

We sincerely thank you for considering our request,

Rudi Knoops
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