<<July 6, 2000>>

John L. Mack <jlmack@erols.com>

Mr. Jim Miller <jimmsl@aol.com>

Dr. Joseph N. Pelton <ecjpelton@aol.com>

Peter T. Knight <ptknight@attglobal.net>

Maria A. Kendro <mkendro@ntca.org>

Marlee R. Norton <mnorton@ntca.org>

Kimberly K. Obbink <kobbink@montana.edu>

Roger Lee Boston <rboston@tenet.edu>

Mr. Bruce R. Best <bbest@uog9.uog.edu>

Mr. Ted J. Christensen <tchriste@gwtv.gwu.edu>

Ms. Christina Higa <chris@elele.peacesat.hawaii.edu>

Norman H. Okamura <norman@elele.peacesat.hawaii.edu>

Dr. David A. Johnson <daj@utk.edu>


Dear John, Jim, Joe, Peter and Maria:

(1) Many thanks for your msgs.

ATTACHMENT I from John Mack

ATTACHMENT II from Jim Miller

ATTACHMENT III from Joe Pelton

ATTACHMENT IV from Peter Knight

ATTACHMENT V from Maria Kendro

ATTACHMENT VI from Bruce Best

ATTACHMENT VII from David Johnson

(2) Pls retrieve;

"GLOSAS Board, Rescue Iridium report & GSTF Summit plan - June 24, 2000" at

That was my report of the workshop held at the NTCA on 6/20th, as the
person who organized it.

Dear John:

In early June, as soon as I heard about the Castle Harlan's
activity, I consulted you by phone if I should cancel the
workshop. Your reply was The workshop is yours." So, I took my
responsibility of having it -- thanks to your introduction to the NTCA.

As you see in it, I, as the responsible person, acknowledged to
attendees for their attendance and, particularly to Marie Norton and
NTCA people for their generous hospitality on behalf of all attendees.

As you say, we certainly appreciated their letting us use their
excellent conference room and even gorgeous lunch.

Dear Jim:

(3) In addition to the report, pls visit;

Project to Create a Global Service Trust Fund (GSTF) for Tele-education
and Tele-health (Version 4-21 June 2000)" at <http://www.friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/Tampere_Conference/GSTF/Special_Version_6-21-00.html>

and at <http://www.informatics.org/clarke/projects.html>.

As you see, the GSTF project will have two sources: "Bandwidth source"
and "Cash source."

Our intent to "rescue Iridium" was to have the bandwidth source out of
excess capacity of Iridium for narrow-band Internet uplinking, as you
proposed, and the same of WorldSpace satellite for broadband Internet
downlinking utilizing John Mack's idea. Your idea is possible only when
someone (like Castle Harlan) rescues Iridium financially. This is why
Joe Pelton used the word "Recovered Iridium" as using the past tense --
see ANNEX I/Attachment No. 4 of the aforementioned report.

As Joe mentioned, WorldSpace has already committed to provide 5%
of its WorldSpace satellite capacity to humanitarian purpose
through WorldSpace Foundation -- see ATTACHMENT II of the report.

I apologize since I might have not made clear about this at the
beginning of our workshop.

Dear Joe:

(4) Many, many thanks for your excellent minutes of our afternoon session --
particularly on the Global Summit of world leaders for creating the GSTF
to be held in Washington, D.C. in early December. I was very grateful
to hear that you would be responsible for this event.

In my report, I treated your minutes as a part of GSTF project which
Peter Knight kindly agreed to be in charge, as he exhibited with his
excellent PowerPoint slides.

Dear Peter:

When you have uploaded your slides to the Web, pls let me know its URL.

Dear Peter:

(5) Pls let me know when you are settled.

David Johnson told me that his second angioplasty operation in Knoxville
(first one in Paris last month), TN was success so that he can now make trips.

I would like to have a brainstorming session on the next steps of the
GSTF project with you, David and Joe in D.C. soon. Pls let me know your
alternative dates.

Dear John Mack:

Referring to PS of David's msg in ATTACHMENT VII, can you approach
through your friend, Paul Meyer, at the Markle Foundation? -- I
tried to reach him for the 6/20th mtg many times at 212-713-7626,
Mobil: 917-385-8555, but his phone was always on answering mode.


(6) I think that the combined scheme of Jim's idea of narrow-band uplinking
to a satellite (e.g., Iridium, etc.) and John's idea of broadband
downlinking from another satellite (e.g., WorldSpace, etc.) has good technical merit.

During our workshop, we were told that, due to the demise of Iridium,
its gateways are working only in the US and Europe. Subsequently, when
Iridium will be available, this scheme can be tested for our Native
American community project in Montana which is now being started by Kim
with a fund from Citi Corp. Roger Boston told us that he would raise
necessary funds for its experimental units.

(7) The University of Guam (UOG) is now launching a new distance education
initiative which will involve a regional effort directed towards
increasing the availability of educational services to the people in
remote areas of the Western Pacific. For this initiative, they are now
holding a workshop "Charting the Future Course of Distance Education in
the Western Pacific" on August 1st to 3rd, 2000 -- see

"Workshop in Guam on 8/1-3/2000 - June 21, 2000" at

Bruce of the University of Guam has invited Roger and me to give
talks via videoconferencing during this workshop.

I think that the combined scheme of Jim's and John's ideas can be
beneficial to the western Pacific people, too.

Dear Bruce:

(8) You may discuss this idea during your workshop.

According to John Mack's presentation during our workshop on 6/20th,
WorldSpace satellite over the Pacific will come soon for your peoples'
broadband downlinking.

Project ACCESS of INTELSAT has a provision of providing narrow-band
satellite channels free of charge for up to one year.

As you know, this was formerly Project SHARE and was initiated by
Joe Pelton. The USPNet of the University of South Pacific in Fiji
connects a dozen nearby islands, after initially using this Project
ACCESS for one year and now regularly through INTELSAT at 177
degrees East free of charge, which is a spare satellite.

Dear Roger:

If Bruce accepts this scheme, pls raise funds for experimental units.

Dear Joe:

Pls coordinate with WorldSpace and INTELSAT -- as mentioned in
ATTACHMENT II of my aforementioned report, WorldSpace Foundation
already provides its 5% capacity to SATELLIFE for healthcare
service in Africa. Therefore, they may also be able to provide
the same to the western Pacific region people for their distance
learning and healthcare services.

You may then proceed to produce a feasibility study and market survey with
the items Joe mentioned in the report/ANNEX I/Attachment No. 4/GSTF
Supporting Document Number 1 and 2.

We would be very happy to work with you for our joint fund raising for
your feasibility study, too.

Dear Joe:

(9) Incidentally, Ted Christensen of your university will be the keynote
speaker during Bruce's workshop.

You may brief him on our project before he leaves for Guam. Pls say hello to
him -- I haven't met him for some time.

Dear Bruce:

(10) We have already discussed this project of bringing broadband Internet to
the Pacific region with Christina Higa and Norman Okamura during our
Tampere event last August -- they are key personnel of PEACESAT.

(11) I once received a support letter from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of
the Marshall Islands (who is a brother of the president) for our project
through my friend in Tokyo, who is Honorary Consulate of the Republic of
Kiribati and of Tuvalu. Should you need help, I would be very happy to approach
him again.

Dear Peter:

(12) I think that this project may become a good starting point of the GSTF.

Best, Tak

Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 10:18:58 -0400
From: John Mack <jlmack@erols.com>
To: Ecjpelton@aol.com
CC: ra319@columbia.edu, barnason@ntca.org, jbrodman@edc.org, tb@wrf.com,
bchadwick@winrock.org, Amdear@aol.com, swissbit@solami.com,
garyg@vita.org, mkendro@ntca.org, Peter@knight-moore.com,
uli.knirsch@intelsat.int, JIMMSL@aol.com, mnorton@ntca.org,
Ljfitzp@aol.com, dksachdev@worldspace.com, chitra@ntca.org,
mtetelman@ntca.org, utsumi@columbia.edu, Sweisler@hampshire.edu,
schase@phillips.com, FCDASTRO@aol.com, edelson@seas.gwu.edu,
logsdon@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu, LogueT@coudert.com, Pminhindon@aol.com,
JohnMcLuc@aol.com, tmeyers@tedson.com, parker.alan@orbcomm.com,
wroseman@compassroseintl.com, tingley@erols.com,
Subject: Re: Transmission with Minutes Attached

Dear All,
I am disappointed that in the Minutes there was not even a cursory thank you
to the National Telephone Cooperative Association for their warm hospitality,
including a lunch at their expense. When I was asked by Tak to find a
location for a 'Rescue Iridium' meeting I was turned down by some but the
NTCA, without hesitation, offered the use of their excellent facilities. I
encourage all of you to visit the website of the NTCA <www.ntca.org> to see
the excellent work they are doing, and have been doing longer than most of us,
to bring connectivity to rural areas. We all owe Marlee Norton and all the
staff of the NTCA a very large 'thank you' for stepping in and providing such
excellent facilities and warm hospitality.


From: JIMMSL@aol.com
Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 13:14:38 EDT
Subject: Re: Transmission with Minutes Attached
To: jlmack@erols.com, Ecjpelton@aol.com
CC: ra319@columbia.edu, barnason@ntca.org, jbrodman@edc.org, tb@wrf.com,
bchadwick@winrock.org, Amdear@aol.com, swissbit@solami.com,
garyg@vita.org, mkendro@ntca.org, Peter@knight-moore.com,
uli.knirsch@intelsat.int, mnorton@ntca.org, Ljfitzp@aol.com,
dksachdev@worldspace.com, chitra@ntca.org, mtetelman@ntca.org,
utsumi@columbia.edu, Sweisler@hampshire.edu, schase@phillips.com,
FCDASTRO@aol.com, edelson@seas.gwu.edu, logsdon@gwis2.circ.gwu.edu,
LogueT@coudert.com, Pminhindon@aol.com, JohnMcLuc@aol.com,
tmeyers@tedson.com, parker.alan@orbcomm.com,
wroseman@compassroseintl.com, tingley@erols.com,

Hear, hear, John - thank you. We always need to appreciate the "sponsors".
Also, I haven't had a chance to edit or add, but I thought it was very strong
on GSTF, which i support, but the reason for the meeting was save Iridium -
the minutes need to reflect the essence of the presentations on how and what
needs to be done - I thought Ty Brown's presentation was excellent and
perceptive for instance. As a group we need to document our need for usage,
including our existing phone bills and latent demand if a true $1 per minute
international rate for world access is available.


From: Ecjpelton@aol.com
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 10:29:06 EDT
Subject: Apologies and Clarification
To: jlmack@erols.com, ra319@columbia.edu, barnason@ntca.org, jbrodman@edc.org,
bchadwick@winrock.org, swissbit@solami.com, garyg@vita.org,
mkendro@ntca.org, Peter@knight-moore.com, uli.knirsch@intelsat.int,
mnorton@ntca.org, dksachdev@worldspace.com, chitra@ntca.org,
mtetelman@ntca.org, utsumi@columbia.edu, Sweisler@hampshire.edu

I am sorry for the misunderstandings concerning the "minutes" of the meeting
that was held at NTCA earlier this month. First of all, I am sure everyone
was greatly appreciative of the hospitality of the NTCA, and their gracious
hosting of the meeting should have been properly noted. The "minutes" that
were circulated by me were actually only intended to cover the afternoon
workshop concerning the Global Services Trust Fund that I attempted to
facilitate in the afternoon. It was my assumption that Tak Utsumi, Peter
Knight or others would prepare an overall minutes of the day's activities and
these "official minutes" would thank our hosts. The copy of the minutes that
I prepared was also provided to the Board of the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation
of the U.S. and Clarke Institute for Telecommunications and Information. This
is because they would be the financial sponsors of any follow-on activities
concerning the GSTF. They should not be receiving further e-mail comments or
information about the Iridium rescue meeting in which they did not
participate and really have no knowledge.

In short, I would request that a "Minutes" of the overall meeting be prepared
in which Ms. Norton and her colleagues at NTCA be properly thanked and the
full day's activities be recorded. I had to leave on a trip shortly after
the meeting and thus I had to hurriedly prepare the notes while my memory was
fresh. I thought the input from Tyrone Brown, Gary Garriott, J. Brodman,
John Mack, Peter Knight, Tak Utsumi and others plus the electronic
presentations from Houston among others were highly relevant and useful but
these were not covered since I was only trying to capture the results of the
afternoon workshop. Again my apologies for any misunderstandings. Finally, I
believe that the e-mail for Tyrone Brown is incorrect.

Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 10:58:28 -0400
From: "Peter T. Knight" <peter@knight-moore.com>
To: Ecjpelton@aol.com
CC: jlmack@erols.com, ra319@columbia.edu, barnason@ntca.org, jbrodman@edc.org,
bchadwick@winrock.org, swissbit@solami.com, garyg@vita.org,
mkendro@ntca.org, uli.knirsch@intelsat.int, mnorton@ntca.org,
dksachdev@worldspace.com, chitra@ntca.org, mtetelman@ntca.org,
utsumi@columbia.edu, Sweisler@hampshire.edu
Subject: Re: Apologies and Clarification

Joe et al,

I am sorry, I have been snowed in -- selling house here, looking for an
apartment, getting ready to move, going to Cleveland, and meeting deadlines.

I've got some notes. I can try a bit on the overall thing, but I think I would
prefer to concentrate on the GSTF bit, to which I have still not responded. I
hope to review Joe's notes today.]

Then I will give what I have, rather incomplete, on the Iridium business.
Others please chime in.



Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 11:51:03 -0400
From: "Maria A. Kendro" <MKendro@ntca.org>
To: Ecjpelton@aol.com, ra319@columbia.edu, utsumi@columbia.edu,
jbrodman@edc.org, jlmack@erols.com, Sweisler@hampshire.edu,
uli.knirsch@intelsat.int, Peter@knight-moore.com, BArnason@ntca.org,
Chitra@ntca.org, mnorton@ntca.org, mtetelman@ntca.org,
swissbit@solami.com, garyg@vita.org, bchadwick@winrock.org,
Subject: Apologies and Clarification -Reply

Hi All,

We at NTCA are back online after a couple of days
of server problems, and as you can imagine we are
now plowing through lots of just-delivered e-mails.
What a wonderful surprise to see that so many of
them are from the "save iridium" group and say such
nice things about us! I know that Marlee and Mike,
currently in Africa with their laptops, will be equally
gratified by your comments.

We were delighted to host the conference and it
was a pleasure meeting all of you. Best of luck
going forward, and thanks much for the kind words!


Maria A. Kendro

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 12:12:34 +1000
From: "Bruce Best" <bbest@uog9.uog.edu>
To: <utsumi@columbia.edu>
CC: "Roger Boston" <rboston@tenet.edu>, "Tak Utsumi" <utsumi@columbia.edu>

Email to Dr. Tak Utsumi

The Telecommunications and Distance Education Operation (TADEO) at the
University of Guam's Center for Continuing Education and Outreach Program's
PeaceSat staff and management are excited to be part of the regional broadband
internet initiative of the Global University System (GUS).

The mission of UOG includes post-secondary educational services to the 3
million square miles area of Micronesia and our Asian neighbors (currently 50%
of Guam's population is Filipino descent). Since the majority of the
populated islands of the American affiliated Federated States of Micronesia
and the Republic of the Marshall Islands do not even have POTS, VSAT based
internet access would greatly enhance the educational and medical facilities
across the region.

The Micronesia region has fully grasped the digital age I have assisted in
the development and installation of numerous remote island school's computer
labs, all powered by photovoltaic systems burning their own cd's even though
the remote islands have no fuel-fired generator or phone system. Currently,
we are experimenting with 300 baud HF-email systems because of the high
recurring cost of commercial satellite service.

We are ready and willing to step in to the wide band internet age and look
forward to being a part of the proposed project.

Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 09:16:12 -0400
From: djohnutk <djohnutk@utkux.utcc.utk.edu>
To: utsumi@columbia.edu
Subject: Attendance June 20 mtg.


I regret that I will not be able to attend the June 20 mtg in DC regarding
Iridium. I have returned from Paris to my home in Asheville but am unable to
travel until I have a second angioplasty operation here. This has not yet
been scheduled but I expect it will happen in early July. Then, after two
weeks recovery I expect to be in good condition again.

I am greatly disapppointed not to be able to attend as this is potentially an
extremely important opportunity to move GLOSAS and GUS a giant step forward.

I will try to keep informed via your messages and web transmissions.

Congratulations on a successful program in Manaus.



PS In yesterday's (June 12) New York Times (p.A16) was an article on a $100
million project by the Markle Foundation to explore how digital technology can
benefit developing countries. Project is headed by James B. Steinberg,
formerly of the White House staff. It might be worth looking at and contacting
Markle for possible

David A. Johnson, Ph.D., AICP
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