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Shahab Khan <Afroz@khi.compol.com>

Dear Shahab:

(1) Many thanks for your msgs (ATTACHMENT I and II).

My heartfelt congratulations to the progress making in your country for
establishing a Virtual University.


Pls retrieve followings;

(a) On General:

1. Greetings for Guam workshop - July 29, 2000"

You may try to get the proceedings of the workshop from:

Mr. Bruce R. Best
Research Associate
Station Manager
Telecommunication and Distance Education Operation
Center for Continuing Education & Outreach Programs
University of Guam
Box 5278 UOG Station
Mangilao, Guam 96923
011-671-632-5310 4PM-8PM
011-671-734-8826 (Car)
Fax: 011-671-734-8377
Fax: 011-671-734-8377<<04/22/1994>>for short msg

2. "Global University System";
Paper to be presented at The 14th Annual Conference of The
Asian Association of Open Universities at The University of
Philippines/Open University, Manila, Philippines, 25-27 October 2000

(b) On Vision:

Dr. Marco Antonio Dias' keynote speech during our Tampere event

(c) On Partnership:

Memorandum of Understanding for Partnership

(d) On Global Broadband Internet:


On your implementation plan and the facilities needed, etc., I would say
that it is about the time you need to organize a workshop in your
country as having your government inviting specialists from Europe and
the US, etc.


(a) Item 1:

I would say again that your government would need to have a
workshop on this subject, since it is beyond the scope of email correspondence.

(b) Item 2:

Using analog terrestrial TV broadcasting in parallel to the use of
Internet chat (and/or better yet, free of charge Internet
telephony, e.g., http://www.dialpad.com, etc.) would be a good idea.

When you will have broadband Internet in the near future, its
asynchronousness with high interactivity will take over expensive
approach of the analog broadcasting approach, and hence enhances
the learnability of outreach learners anytime anywhere.

Those sub-items you listed here are the ones the feasibility study
of the regional groups of our Global University System need to
make during their planned full workshops. In a sense, you are one
step ahead of us.

(4) BTW, how was the result of your grant application submitted to the Grass
Root Fund of Japanese Embassy in Pakistan?

Best, Tak

From: "shahab khan" <afroz@khi.compol.com>
To: "Tak" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 16:09:22 +0500

Dear Prof Tak

I have some good news from Pakistan.

Due to our constant communications to the goverment for the need of a
Global Education system, the goverment has now constituted a working
group for DL of which I am also a member.

A meeting is to be convened soon to discuss the modalities for formation
of a Virtual University in Pakistan.

I would be very pleased if you can provide the guidlines and strategy to
be followed keeping in mind the objectives of the GLOBAL UNIVERSITY
SYSTEM. In short what should be our implementation plan and the
facilities needed from the government and how should we proceed. I know
you have written a lot on the subject, but since now this is a specific
agenda, I would be much grateful if you could provide me the guidelines

Also, when I visited Paul at the Open University, UK (He had just
returned from Tampere after seeing Prof Tapio Varis, who I understand
is establishing a Virtrual University and he had showed me a document
(Hard copy) of it and had promised to send me electronically. I have
not received it form Paul, as yet and would be very greatful to get a copy.

I believe the govermnet wants to establish such a Univeristy and would
be looking for collaboration

I would very much apprecaite if you let me know what should be terms of
reference for this working group.

I shall anxiously wait to hear from you.

I am very keen to attend the conference at Manila. Is there a possibilty
of some financial support from any source?


Shahab Khan, Director
Planwel University,

From: "shahab khan" <afroz@khi.compol.com>
To: "Tak" <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 18:37:07 +0500

Dear Prof Tak

I have just received the following information form the goverment
contact person regarding how they are proceeding on the DL programme.

The issues to be discussed are:

1. The Technical issues of delivery for distance learning (Satellite,
TV, IP Web based, Optical fibre, etc.)

2. Running an immediate month-long Pilot based on Pakistan Teleivision
Channel 2 and Internet Chat back channel for 'Web design'. This was to prove
that the concept works as well as giving exposure to the Virtual University project

A study is being carried out to find out the fiollowing:

1. Detailed analysis as well a comparisons and costs of different delivery methods.
2. Cost of any hardware needed
3. Operating costs of each solution
3. Skill sets needed for operating these
4. Comparative delivery methods of synchronous and asynchronous DL programs
5. Implementation methodology including the administration of IP
addresses for DVB as well as Internet over DVB, firewalls, Server and network administration, etc.
6. Time frame for implementation
7. Creation of a TOR for the country wide educational Intranet with linkage to the Internet.
8. Overseeing the Web Design Distance Learning Pilot Project

I shall be obliged to receive your comments on this at your very
earliest convenience. In particular the Terms of reference for the working group.


Shahab Khan, Director
Planwel University,
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