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Dr. Ihor Bogdan Katerniak <ik@uar.net>

Howard B. Schechter, Ed.D. <hschechter@intralearn.com>

Dear Ihor:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

Sorry for my belated reply.

(2) However, since I don't know about Kennan Institute, I cannot give you my suggestions.

In general, your proposal is excellent, but I don't know if that will
meet with their specific objective.

(3) Should you be able to receive their fund and make literature survey on
distance learning activities, we would be very much interested to receive your final report.

Dear Electronic Colleagues:

Pls feel free to provide Ihor with your suggestions.

(4) BTW, while I attended the ICDE/ABED conferences in Sao Paulo, I could
meet with Howard B. Schechte. He told me that you brought a group of
your Ukrainian colleagues to Loyola College in Maryland.

Dear Howard:

It was my great pleasure to have met with you. Your project is
very interesting. Let's keep in touch.

Is that with the fund from the U.S. Civilian Research and Development
Foundation (CRDF) which you once requested? If so, congratulations!!

However, in your proposal to them, you also stated that you would
organize a workshop in Ukraine in September. What is the status of it now?

Keep up with your good work!!

Best, Tak

From: "Ihor Katernyak" <ik@uar.net>
To: "Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D." <utsumi@columbia.edu>
Subject: Fw: Short-term Research Grants
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2000 01:55:31 +0300

Dear Tak:

In attachment I prepare some draft for the Kennan Institute Short-term
Research Grants. The applicant is requested to submit a concise
description (700-800 words) of my research project, a curriculum vitae,
a statement on preferred dates of residence in Washington, D.C., and two
letters of recommendation (from LIM and some US Institution)
specifically in support of the research to be conducted at the
Institution. Applicants should also note my citizenship or permanent
residency status in my materials. Closing date are September 1.

But I'm looking for some idea to demonstrate a particular need to
utilize the library, archival, and other specialized resources of the
Washington, D.C., area. Maybe you could find for me some idea and make some additions.

Your comments on this application and some additions will very useful for me.

Thanks for cooperation.


The Kennan Institute Short-Term Grants

"On-line study environment: design, distribition and quality management".

May 2000 came with the beginning of activities of Ukrainian Distance
Learning System (UDL System) Project in Ukraine. It is the first project
on Distance Learning in Business Education with the following objectives:

a.. Broaden the scope of educational services in Ukraine by
implementing the WEB technologies to make education and research more
efficient, accessible, and more interactive;

b.. Provide professional development in distance education;

c.. Create common course portfolio, develop professional certificate
programs, and distribute them to students, entrepreneurs, managers and corporations;

a.. Develop academic programs using distance learning tools on the
basis of the Partnership for Distance Learning Development (PDLD). PDLS
consists of 26 educational institutions, corporations, and non-profit
organizations partnering together to build value through the innovative
application of new information technology to education;

b.. Assist universities, schools and businesses in using multimedia,
telecommunications networking technologies to promote their prodUct and
services in the INTERNET environment.

The partners of UDL System from all over Ukraine develop business
courses, including Project Management, Operational Management, Advanced
Marketing, International Business, Firm Start-Up, Business
Communication, E-Commerce, Decision Making and Risk Analysis, Project
Expert as a Financial Modeling Tool.

While developing course design and curriculum as well as the
distribution models, we came across a number of problems, which require
conducting research and acquire a broad understanding of the main areas
covered by the research literature in open and distance education, and
the sources available.

We have set six major subjects for our research:

1.. Supporting learners and exploring the potential of on-line
communication in DL. Methodology, psychological and pedagogic aspects of
DL. Interaction between learners, their tutors and other experts, and
how it can foster learning in on-line courses. Student assessment.

2.. We are looking for an effective way of infrastructure design and
effective computer-based support for collaborative learning and problem
solving where people are located at different physical sites and
connected via various forms of technology. How should groups of students
be constructed for maximum learning gain? How can we measure beneficial

3.. Cross-Cultural Approach and Gender issue (women taking care of
children, rural population, militarymen, disabled etc.).

4.. Effective employment of the new pedagogy and information
technologies in business and management education in Ukraine. Modeling
the new learning environment for other fields of the education system of Ukraine.

5.. Regulation, legislation and intellectual property issue.

6.. Quality and quality standards, managing for quality in DL and
receiving professional recognition or accreditation.

Distance learning issues are underdeveloped in Ukraine and other Central
and Eastern European countries are just starting drawing attention to
them. We have to catch up with the U.S.A. where open and distance
learning phenomenon has become extremely popular. The most effective way
to investigate the aforesaid topics is to utilize the library, archival,
and other specialized resources concentrated in the Washington D.C.
area, which is the center of research on open and distance education.

It will also enable us to make some visits to Loyola College and
University of Maryland as well as to other leading institutions in
distance education, which are just minutes away from Washington, DC.

On the base of the reviewed and processed materials, resources and
approaches I will acquire a broad understanding of the main areas
covered by the research literature in open and distance education, and
the sources available. I will develop a critical appreciation of the
research literature in the selected area of open and distance education,
such as curriculum development, learner support or evaluation.

The end product of research in the U.S.A will be:

a) report on the research, which includes results, a feasibility study,
design of infrastructure and administrative structure, selection of
courseware, etc.;

b) an article based on the research results.

According to the results of the project:

a.. a seminal will be held at the Lviv Institute of Management for UDL
System teachers and learners. This will become the 'train-the-trainers'
model and will increase the students' understanding of the global
opportunities their education will make available to them;

b.. discussions have been organized in the UDL System List Server;

c.. one of my students is continuing her PhD research on two-way
communication in distance learning and knowledge transfer in the field
of humanities and social sciences.

Research as a part of UDL System activities can expand Global University
onto other countries in Eastern European region in 2001.
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