Final Report to InfoDev


International Workshop and Conference

Emerging Global Electronic Distance Learning (EGEDL'99)

August 9th - 13th, 1999
University of Tampere, Finland


December 15, 1999

Tapio Varis, Ph.D.
General Chairman
University of Tampere
Takeshi Utsumi, Ph.D.
Program Chairman

Table of Contents


I. Objectives:

II. How the event was conducted:

  1. Summary

  2. Conduct of event

III. What we achieved:

  1. Formation of Global University System (GUS)

  2. Proposed Global University System Structure

  3. World Regional Pilot Project Summaries

  4. Next steps with follow-up workshops by regional groups

  5. List of URLs about the event

    1. Event program:

    2. Handout with all relevant materials:

    3. Photos, audio, music and video of the Tampere event:

    4. Summary diagrams of GUS and its regional groups (not completed yet):

IV. Compilation of comments:


This part is the compilation of the drafts of pilot project proposal (without budget) which are written in the form of the InfoDev grant application as basing on their outlines appeared in “World Regional Pilot Project Summaries.” They are written by the chiefs of the following regions;

  1. Asia-Pacific Group:


    South Pacific

  2. North America Group:

  3. Central American Group:

  4. Amazonas Region Group:

  5. European Group:

  6. African Group:


This part is the complete handout of the Tampere event.

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