10. Brief Announcements/New Tools

a. Call for Papers:

Fifth Annual Conference on AI,
Simulation and Planning in High Autonomy Systems
University of Florida

Conference Theme:
December 7-9, 1994, Gainesville, Florida, University of Florida

Cosponsored by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)

Conference Description

This represents the Fifth AI, Simulation and Planning Conference for high autonomy systems. High autonomy systems are large scale dynamic systems involving many interacting intelligent or controlled entities. Past conferences have been held in Tucson (Arizona), Cocoa Beach (Florida) and Perth, Australia.

Large scale simulation models are increasingly executed within parallel and distributed computing environments. Distributed interactive simulation (DIS) directly involves the human in the simulation loop, and contains the real-time communication of heterogeneous simulators spread throughout wide geographical areas. Research in distributed simulation has taken place across many fronts: (1) Military DIS IEEE standard and workshops; (2) Continuous model parallelization; and (3) Discrete model (PDES) parallelization. The purpose of this conference is to focus on basic research problems in the overall area of distributed simulation with an emphasis on problems occurring in interactive environments.

Papers can be either conceptual or application-oriented. Further information from:

Conference Chairman

Paul A. Fishwick fishwick@cis.ufl.edu
University of Florida
Dept. of CIS
Bldg. CSE, Room 301
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone and FAX: (904) 392-1414

AIS 94 Conference Coordinator

Ole Nelson ole@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu
2209 NW 13 St.
Gainesville, FL 32609-3498
Phone: (904) 392-1701, ext 244
FAX: (904) 392-6950

Important Due Dates

Extended Abstracts: June 15, 1994
Author Notification: August 1, 1994
Final Paper Submission: September 1, 1994
Conference Dates: December 7-9, 1994

Keynote Speaker

Col. James Shiflett, Simulation Training and Instrumentation Command, U.S. Army

Submission of Papers

Authors are required to submit an extended abstract by June 15, 1994. The extended abstract should contain relevant figures and literature citations, and should run approximately three single-space pages in length. Abstracts will be refereed and authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by August 1, 1994. Authors will receive instructions for their final paper submission by September 1, 1994. All accepted papers will be published in hardcopy and electronic versions by the IEEE Computer Society Press. (... deleted)


The registration is $285, and $100 for students. Please contact Ole Nelson at the above address for further information.

b. Nova University's Center for Computer and Information Sciences ...

... is pleased to announce that its graduate catalog is now readily available to the Internet community. For an online graduate catalog, send an e-mail message to: cciscat@alpha.acast.nova.edu

This system is automated. The catalog is nearly 5700 lines, so you may want to redirect the output into a temporary directory.

Internet users will find the catalog especially interesting in that the Center for Computer and Information Sciences has a variety of programs and degree offerings using a continuum of real-time and delayed-time computer-mediated communication.

c. Now Available: Version 1.4 (March 10, 1994) of Odd De Presno's The Online World (Shareware; $20):

... a book about the practical use of the GLOBAL online information resource. It describes resources on major global networks and services as the Internet, Usenet, BITNET, Fidonet, Echo, CompuServe, DIMDI, NIFTYServe, and others. The book explores selected applications across country, network and service boundaries showing how needs can be met. The examples range from databases to entertainment and the bizarre to special services for professionals and organizations.

To retrieve the book over the net, Internet-connected users can ftp to OAK.Oakland.Edu ( Log on as user "anonymous". Change (cd) to the /pub/msdos/info directory. The file's name is online14.zip (284KB).

The book is also available from a number of other sources and in a number of formats. For an up-to-date list of where to get it, send email to LISTSERV@vm1.nodak.edu with the following command in the TEXT of your mail:


d. Mission Earth Symposium

There will be a MISSION EARTH symposium in connection with the Society for Computer Simulation (SCS) Summer Computer Simulation Conference (SCSC) at the Hyatt Regency Aventine Hotel in La Jolla, California, 18-20 July 1994.

The purpose of MISSION EARTH is to promote progress toward a SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL SYSTEM:

MISSION EARTH is an ACTIVE Activity of the Society for Computer Simulation. There have been sessions on MISSION EARTH at every SCSC since that at Reno in July, 1992. A popular format is to have one or two semi-formal presentations on some aspect of current global problems, followed by a "brainstorming" discussion among the speakers and members of the audience.

If you are concerned with the way things vital to our future -- and to the future of our children and to theirs -- are going world-wide, you are invited to join us. Present your thoughts on how simulation might be used to better understand, and thus subsequently alleviate, some aspect -- or all -- of the global "Problematique" (as it was referred to by The Club of Rome, which sponsored the first global simulation, as reported in LIMITS TO GROWTH, more than 20 years ago).

Or just come join in the usually spirited discussion. Together we CAN make a difference.

John McLeod, mcleod@sdsc.bitnet

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