5. About CU-SeeMe

(From: README file, Cornell Video "CU-SeeMe 0.42", 9-7-93)

Cornell University's Information Technology organization (CIT) has developed a Macintosh videoconferencing program called CU-SeeMe. It displays 4-bit grayscale windows at either 320x240 or half that diameter, 160x120, and does not (yet) include audio. CU-SeeMe in version 0.42 provides a one-to-one connection or, by use of a "reflector," a one-to-many, several-to-several, or several-to-many conference. Each participant can decide whether to be a sender, a receiver, or both. Receiving requires only a Mac with a screen capable of displaying 16 grays and a connection to the Internet. Sending requires the same plus a SuperMac VideoSpigot board, a camera, Quicktime and SpigotVDIG extensions added to the system folder. Although much improved over earlier versions, this is still BETA software -- use at your own risk. And please treat the Internet kindly -- keep bw limits set down under 100kbps unless you know where you're putting network load.

The software is freely available via anonymous ftp from gated.cornell.edu in the directory /pub/video as CU-SeeMe 0.40.bin This file is README.CU-SeeMe.txt. There is also a choice of VDIG files needed for use with the SuperMac VideoSpigot frame grabber board. The executable and VDIG files are stored in a MacBinary II format. It is most convenient to use Fetch2.1 to retrieve the files as it will automatically unpack them.

CU-SeeMe has been tested in two GLOSAS Global Lecture Hall (TM) events and is scheduled to be used again in July. Additional files on CU-SeeMe will be made available as soon as GLOSAS files become accessible by Gopher.

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April 1994

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