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Irene K. Spero <irene_spero@ed.gov>

Steve McCarty <steve@kagawa-jc.ac.jp>

Dear Irene:

(1) Many thanks for your msg (ATTACHMENT I).

Dear e-Colleagues:

(2) Pls note Irene's msg to get the final report of the Web-based Education
Commission to the US Congress.

(3) Incidentally, you can retrieve our E-Testimony to the commission
"Congressional Testimony: on GUS / Digital Divide" in the home page of
our web site <http://www.friends-partners.org/GLOSAS/>.

This was made by the kind effort of Steve McCarty.

Best, Tak

From: "Spero, Irene" <Irene_Spero@ed.gov>
To: "'utsumi@columbia.edu'" <utsumi@columbia.edu>, "Spero, Irene" <Irene_Spero@ed.gov>
Subject: RE:
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 12:19:47 -0500

Here it is

This notice announces the release of the report of the Web-based Education Commission.

The report, "The Power of the Internet for Learning: Moving from Promise to
Practice," will be released [on 12/19. See later message with revised details].

Copies of the report will be posted on the Commission's website,

Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska , chairman of the Commission, and Georgia
Representative Johnny Isakson, Vice Chairman, will present the findings of
the Commission and its recommendations.

The press conference will be webcast on http://webcommission.org.


Congress established the Web-based Education Commission to ensure that all
learners can take full advantage of the educational promise of the World
Wide Web. The Commission is required to conduct a thorough study of the
critical pedagogical and policy issues affecting the development and use of
Web-based content and learning strategies to improve achievement at the K-12
and postsecondary levels.

The Commission is required to present its findings to the Congress,
President, and nation by the end of 2000. The Commission is comprised of 16
members who were selected by the President, Secretary of Education, and
congressional leadership.


Additional information about the Commission, its members, mission, past
activities and hearings is available on the Commission's web site or by
connecting Irene Spero, External Relations Director, at (202) 219-7045 or

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