Part IV: Global Collaboration
(as of 8/19/03)

Papers in this Part IV will describe how to achieve global collaboration along with our GUS for attaining global peace.

Joseph N. Pelton, George Washington University (Received.)
"The Future of Broadband Satellite Communication"
(Final version, updated on 7/8/03)

W. R. Klemm, Texas A&M University (Received.)
"Building Global Community Over the Internet"
(Final version, updated on 7/1/03)

Jose Silvio, UNESCO in Caracas, Venezuela (Received.)
"Global Learning and Virtual Mobility"
(Final version, updated on 7/23/03)

Alexandre Rivas and Jackson Colares da Silva, University of Amazona (Received.)
"Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Development in Amazon, Brazil"
(Final version, updated on 7/3/03)

Miguel A. Garay, José A. Amador, Armando Cuesta, Alejandro Rosete, Amnia la O, Havana Inst. of Technology (Received.)
"Development of E-learning and E-healthcare Community Network for Cuba and the Caribbean Countries"
(Final version, updated on 7/7/03)

Robert M. Albert, Stephen G. George, G. Robert Converse, and Thomas P. Wright, Maui Community College (Received.)
"Educational Technology in Hawaii Public Postsecondary Institutions"
(Final version, updated on 7/1/03)

Piet Kommers, Steffan Rödel, Jan-Maarten Luursema, Bob Geelkerken and Eelco Kunst, University of Twente (Received.)
"Virtual Reality Environments for Experiential Learning in the Science and Medical Domains"
(Final version, updated on 7/1/03)

Piet Kommers, Vladimir Kinelev and Boris Kotsik, University of Twente and UNESCO/Moscow (Received.)
"ICT in Secondary Education for the Knowledge Society"
(Final version, updated on 8/19/03)

Colin Allison, Stefano A. Cerri, Matteo Gaeta, Pierluigi Ritrovato, and Saverio Salerno, University of St. Andrews, Université Montpellier II et CNRS, and University of Salerno, Italy (Received.)
"Human Learning as a Global Challenge: European Learning Grid Infrastructure"
(Final version, updated on 7/28/03)

Takeshi Utsumi, GLOSAS/USA (Received.)
"Globally Collaborative Environmental Peace Gaming"
(Final version, updated on 7/1/03)