Part III: Global E-Learning and E-Healthcare
(as of 8/15/03)

Papers in this Part III will describe;

  • Past and current experiences of e-learning practices at their locations through narrow band Internet and others,
  • Proposed schemes how to extend their e-learning through narrow-band Internet to developing countries, and
  • Their vision how to enhance their e-learning courses with broadband Internet and proposed schemes how to realize them.

John M. Eger, San Diego State University (Received.)
"Athens in the Information Age"
(Final version, updated on 6/30/03)

Kaisa Kautto-Koivula and Marita Huhtaniemi, Nokia Ventures Organization (Received.)
"Evolution Towards Human-Centric Knowledge Society. Can Societies Learn from Global Corporations?"
Final version, updated on 7/8/03)

Paul Lefrere, U.K. Open University (Received.)
"E-Learning, Social Learning and Learning Conversations: Experiences and Possibilities"
(Final version, updated on 7/11/03)

W. R. Klemm, Texas A&M University (Received.)
"Academic Administration Issues for the Global University System"
(Final version, updated on 7/8/03)

Pekka Ruohotie and Petri Nokelainen, University of Tampere (Received.)
"Practical Considerations of Motivation and Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning"
(Final version, updated on 6/30/03)

Dean Sutphin, Cornell University (Received.)
"Virtual Environments for Research and Education in Global Sustainability"
(Final version, updated on 8/15/03)

John D. Peine and David A. Johnson, University of Tennessee in Knoxville (Received.)
"Linking Universities and Biosphere Reserves: Creating a Global Biome-&-Society Living Laboratory"
Final version, updated on 7/1/03)

Effie Dracopoulos, McGill University (Received.)
"E-Learning ESL: Bringing the World Together"
(Final version, updated on 7/3/03)

Pablo A. Pulido M. and Jaime Requena, Venezuela (Received.)
"Alternatives in "E-Learning" for Health Professionals in Latin America and the Caribbean"
(Final version, updated on 7/1/03)

Josep M Duart and Emma Kiselyova, Open University of Catalonia (Received.)
"The Open University of Catalonia: A Local-Global University Model"
Final version, updated on 6/30/03)